Saturday, October 31, 2009

Coaching "Assignments"

To clear up any confusion...Mark Richt is still our coach.

Look...obviously, I'm a blogger. I dally in the rumor mongering, mostly for humorous purposes. I mean, when Lame Kitten accuses SC prospects of wanting to pump gas the remainder of their adult's just too rich to ignore.

But Charlie Strong to be UGAs head tackle football coach next season..? ($$) Are you frickin' kiddin' me?

File this away with other newsworthy click catchers like CarrotTop to be Named Next Director of Homeland Security, Regis Philbin to Coach the NY Knicks...or Bobby Petrino Leaves Atlanta to Call the Hawgs.

Oh, wait a minute...

But you get what I'm typing. The bold print is eye-catching for more than a glance, but all in all it's as hollow as the gourd I carved last night.

Sure, Strong should already be a head coach. The reasons he isn't a head coach are a subject for another blog post. But Coach Richt is our man.

I mean why would we replace CMR with the guy he's about to beat in this afternoon's game?

Don't get me wrong...I'm appreciative of all the money the dillweeds in Bristol are throwing our way in the new SEC agreement. But it would also be nice if they'd show some journalistic integrity. Or at least the motive to publish content that is truly newsworthy, and not just a speculative pissing contest.

This kind of $&!@ is only worthy of places like the dawgvent...or worse, Bradley's column at the AllJackCrap.


Anonymous said...

"Sure, Strong should already be a head coach. The reasons he isn't a head coach are a subject for another blog post. But Coach Richt is our man."

You mean maybe he should have the opportunity. Kind of like when BVG had the opportunity and was not successful. Have you ever seem someone in the work place who was successful at one level and failed when promoted. The skills necessary at a DC are different from a head coach. If you have no personality, then you will not be a successful coach because you will not be able to deal with the boosters, alumni, press, etc.

Everyone should be asking why the Univ of Fla did not promote Strong to HC when they ran off Zook. Meyer was not exactly a proven product at the time and the Fla defense was already good.

Perhaps Strong is successful as a DC because he shares a lot of the same characteristics that BVG has which might make his unsuitable as a good college HC.

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