Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cox or Crompton...

...I'm glad we got Joe.

In his media session yesterday Coach Richt related the story of recruiting the nation's #2 QB prospect back in 2005. He was a lanky kid out of North Carolina who played in the Shrine Bowl, a game that pits the best of NCs high school prospects against the best of SC.

The kid's name...Jonathan Crompton. The QB who started ahead of Crompton in the Shrine Bowl...Joe Cox. CMR on Crompton:
I know a lot of people have said this or that about Jonathan, but I can tell you we recruited him heavily. We wanted him as bad as anybody that we recruited at
Georgia at the QB position. He's a very, very talented young man who can certainly hurt you if we're not playing our very best.
The Tennessee QB even roomed with Joe Cox at the Elite 11 camp. Joe on Crompton:
It's tough when you're playing in front of your own crowd and you don't have the support of people who wear your own colors...I do feel for people when that happens to them.
And although Crompton and the Volunteers enjoyed some success in the hurry-up offense last week against Auburn, there's no guarantee Kiffin is committed to using it more frequently. Said the head Kifster:
There's a lot of things that go into that...there's a lot of stuff you have to consider.
What he was trying to say was that his defense was gassed at crucial times because his offense couldn't stay on the field. And this week they'll of course have one less (missed) target for Crompton. Hard to blame Warren too much for being an asshat; his coach was satisfied with losing in the swamp and his QB is toting triple digits in the national rankings for pass efficiency.

ESPNU had a replay of the Auburn-Tenn game on last night. And to be fair, as I watched I noticed several fairly good throws by Crompton that were dropped. When I saw @JeffOwens95 was watching the replay as well, I took the time to hit him up on twitter:
@jeffowens95 I'm watching it too. Thinking you can handle those creamsickle O-linemen... #Dawgs #OrangeisUGLY

@BernieDawg we will
GATA Jeff!! And get Joe back on the field.


Silver Dawg said...

Exactly, Bernie. I watched the Tenn/Auburn game.

Crompton's timing was off just tad. As it has been most of the season. But, some of the off-timing throws were catchable. Some that were most catchable were simply dropped. And dropped by different receivers.

He could have easily had a damn good evening stat-wise, if.

We'd better be ready in case all the pieces come together for Crompton and his receivers.

David Hale said...

Some more to the Cox quotes...

Another reporter was asking him about the Elite 11. Joe won the award there for "most accurate" and the reporter asked if everyone got some kind of award or if Crompton earned anything?

Joe: Um, I don't know. I don't think so.

Me: Didn't he win most likely to grow an amazing mustache?

Joe had no comment to that.

MikeInValdosta said...

I thought Crompton stopped thinking so much in the hurry-up. Everyone we have played has had their best game against us. Hope that trend is arrested Saturday.