Thursday, October 29, 2009

David Greene Wants to Shake Your Hand

If you're wondering around Jacksonville Saturday before the game, thought

I'd pass along this info for you to help pass some time before the Dawgs end the gators' magical run.

This Saturday October 31, Nissan will be hosting the Sports Illustrated Heisman Trophy Tour at the Georgia vs Florida game in Jacksonville.

We'll be setting up a huge tent with lots of

activities for fans – all FREE - including:
· Opportunity to meet UGA quarterback with the most wins in NCAA Division I history, David Greene and former Heisman winner and 1996 National Championship UF quarterback Danny Wuerffel
· Check out the original "four-door sports car" - the 290-horsepower 2010 Maxima!
· Photo on the cover of a personal Sports Illustrated with the Heisman Trophy
· Compete in one-on-one Heisman trivia challenges
· Vote on favorite Heisman moment at Sports Illustrated Heisman Bracket Challenge
· Check out features of every Heisman winner, facts and figures about the Heisman award and vintage photos and odd facts up around the tent.
· Get a free copy of Sports Illustrated collector’s edition custom publication which celebrates 75 years of the Heisman Memorial Trophy.
The tent opens at 10am and we'll be hosting activities at the Championship Dreams Festival outside of Jacksonville Municipal Stadium’s South End Zone, up until the 3:30pm game.


BulldogBry said...

My wife and I went to our first and only Cocktail Party back in 2006. Wandering around outside right before the game, I noticed a tent with no one really around it. In one tent was (I think) Jack Youngblood, and in the other one, Dominique Wilkins. He's just sitting there at a table with a worker of some sort. I stared for a while, because I remember thinking, 'there's no way this is an autograph session, cause there's no line'. I finally got the courage to walk up there and ask if I could have one, and I was prepared to shell out some dough for it. I mean, he had just been elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame. An autograph, a pleasant exchange, and a picture of me and him later (all free), I wanted to walk outisde the tent and say "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE, NIQUE IS IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!"

I always knew God was Bulldog.


To bad bulldogbry, your memories in jax are mostly about what happens outside the stadium and not in it.But after 16 out of the last 19 losses to the GATORZILLAS,I understand.And p.s, GOD is not an ugly mutt that looks like hes been dropped from 20 stories, GOD is a gator because the sun is orange and the sky is blue.Hope you have a nice memory outside the stadium once again,cause inside UF is laying another 45 on you pups...GO GATORS

Bernie said...

Great story BulldogBry. Thanks for sharing.

Native - please remember that this rivalry was played before 1990. We have 47 glorious memories to your 38. Plus the 2 times we had to share the win.


Bernie your right wont argue with that,but like Janet Jackson sang "what have you done for me lately.Bye the way B isnt it trash talk week.This is the game still known to the country as one helluva coctail party.SO MAY THE TRASH BE SLEWN.GO GATORS

Pumpdawg said...

Hey Bernie,
Looks like the gator fans are gettin to be like the nerds.Gotta come to Dawg blogs to spew their useless garbage.Envy,envy,envy.

Bernie said...

It is trash talk week...more commonly referred to as Hate Week. I just wish you wouldn't swallow so much gas when you siphon from your neighbor's Snapper.

BTW - has it really been a year since CUM had a player arrested for a felony?