Saturday, October 17, 2009

Let's Revisit our Last Visit to Vandy

Looking back on our last visit to Nashteeville, we could also call it the game in which Tripp Chandler caught the football.

Video courtesy of Let's hope the Dawgs aren't too courteous towards their hosts this afternoon. Let's also hope that a victory over the 'Dores this afternoon creates the same kind of momentum the one two years ago did.

Go Dawgs! Give Vandy's Homecoming a blackeye.


Anonymous said...

I remember sitting there and asking someone if that was Chandler. It seemed so unexpected.

Go Dawgs!

Pumpdawg said...

Damn Bernie,tell me how to act.We won a game.I don't know what to do.

Bernie said...

Just add bourbon and see where it goes Pump. That's my gameplan.

Pumpdawg said...

Good gameplan Bernie.I just stayed with the beer and watched those sorry ass refs hand Saint Tebow and his 21 apostles another game.The SEC refs need to be overhauled like our coaching staff.I better let it go at that cause I been drinking and I don't know how many kids might be reading this.(i.e.I'm pissed)