Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Locker Notes - floriDuh

Some more last minute costume ideas: LindsayScottLindsayScottLINDSAYSCOTT!!!, an unabated to the Tebow, some destroyed property from St. Simons, and Uncle Verne doing the stanky leg. Just keep in mind that this one's taken. Leave it to Mackie to come up with this year's scariest costume.'s time for some Hate Week locker notes.
  • Coach Bobo - Remember, your headset will be on the sideline.
  • Joe Cox - When we win this game Saturday it will be because of your leadership. But it will in no way be your swan song.
  • Rennie Curran - St. Timothy said you're short and your breath stinks.
  • Caleb King - Last year in Jax you missed a block that led many fans (including yours truly) to doubt you. You've already made a statement that showed us the error in our logic.This is the game you put an exclamation point at the end.
  • Jeff Owens - Tebow said knock him out.
  • Orson Charles - I'll rename my oldest daughter Orson if you knock the (bleep!) outta Spikes.
  • Rantavious Wooten - Make one half of that stadium wonder why that ganja lovin' Harvin was such an abject failure. And the other half holler Woot!!
And to close this out, let's all join together in song:

With your bright orange shirts
and your sissy blue britches
You can go to Hell you sonsabitches!
Gators,'d ya like to bite my ass?

Now, you know what to do Reader...finish the drill.


Pumpdawg said...

AJ-just do what you do.
Coach Willie-turn 'em loose.
And one for St. Tebow- PRAY.

MikeInValdosta said...

Everyone: Beat YOUR Man each and every play for 60 minutes.

It's always great to be a Georgia Bulldog, but nothing quite matches being a Georgia Bulldog on Saturday Night!

Kimberley Nash said...

Amen and pass the Gator! Kick some Sleezebow and Embarrass that Cryer....Go Dawgs!!!


And on a halloween night, with holy fright,Tebow eyes ugas d with a hellish demise.Marching at will, while Richt turns ill,Gatorzilla destroys all the enemy on a north florida field.Doggy pieces are all thats left after TEBOW and SPIKES enjoy another bulldog death!

dean said...

Orson Charles- Since you're already a UGA legend for shattering UF's MNC trophy how 'bout you shatter their MNC dreams Saturday.

Bryan Evans- We're gonna have you cover the water cooler Saturday. Try not to let it beat you deep.

Justin Houston- Tebow said he enjoyed his last concussion and is looking forward to his next one. Just sayin'...