Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Locker Notes - Vandy

Now more than ever...time for some locker notes.
  • Coach Richt - Please see Coach Landers before your next media session. Thanks!
  • Baccari Rambo - Another pick and this one went for six. I keep hearing something about increased playing time...are you sure the coaches know your number?
  • Zach Renner - You went after the ball like it was the last biscuit at breakfast. I like that tenacity and display of GATA attitude. Has Coach Searels approached you about doing some run blocking?
  • Blair Walsh - I do believe that FG woulda been good from 63. Please refrain from any further use of birth control. We could use another Walshian leg in 18.75 years....or whenever.
  • Fabris - Walsh's FG woulda been good from 63. He leads the SEC in touchbacks. Legend has it as an eight year old he kicked the neighborhood bully's ass so bad they have yet to find it. He leads the SEC in touchbacks!! Stick that in your pipe and choke on it.
  • Coach Searels - Please see Zach Renner.
  • Coach Richt - Seriously...see Coach Landers.
You know the drill Reader. Finish it.


MikeInValdosta said...

Coach Richt,

Following the season, buy a DVD of the "Apprentice". You only need watch the last 5 minutes of every episode.

Pumpdawg said...

Coach Martinez,
They're having a defensive coordinator convention in sunny Cuba this year.The secret password to get in is,"I want to defect."Keep this on the down-low. Oh and Coach Bobo,carry his bags please.