Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - A Dandy in Vandy

The stats don't lie:
  • 173 yards rushing
  • Cox - 16/31 226 yds 2/1
  • 7 of 15 on 3rd down
  • TOP 32:45

Vast improvement compared to the last trip to Tennessee. But those Dawg fans who watched, understand that the most telling fact isn't one listed in any box score.

The Dawgs regained a little swagger. was Vandy. Yes...the rushing statistics are greatly padded by yards gained late in the fourth when some 'dores had shut it down. But these players needed to feel the balance of this game sway in their favor long before the final gun. That 10 play 68 yard exercise in smash mouth, line em up and knock em off the blocks was vital to these Dawgs psyche. With a week off before Michael Adams' Beerfest in Jacksonville, Coach Richt's boys needed to come back into practice with a little confidence.

Thank you Music City. Even our president gets a kick outta you.

Today's Ingredients
  • It's so nice to have a W over Vandy that didn't require me to lose my religion.
  • I still have it as a toss up as to which was more frustrating, the early inconsistencies on offense or the slow ass punter catching our punt return team with their pants down...again.
  • wife hearts you too. It's a family affair.
  • The stats weren't eye-grabbing, but it was nice to see Caleb King have a breakout game. Even nicer to see how much progress the kid has made in blocking.
  • Weiszer looks at just how the Dawgs entered the bye week on a high note.
  • Hale outlines CMRs Sunday teleconference notes, and pens a piece on how the D came up with a complete game.
  • Mike also believes the win over the 'Dores was good for morale, players and fans alike.
  • The Senator had a nice trip to the Music City...and offers his cogent thoughts as usual.
  • Bill King is torn between his heart and his head.
  • And ucheedawg thinks the confidence of the o-line could get a boost from Saturday.
Should the SEC offices and officials allow us to compete with floriDuh in Jax, it'll come down to offensive line play. If Searels can instill some fire, a little junkyard attitude in his pups I really, really believe we can beat the overrated reptiles. Arkansas defended the Teblow dive well with their defensive tackles. That one facet of the game affected the entire heralded gator offense.

However, in the end, the same crew that hates AJ so much for being so flamboyantly awesome decided that it was in their best interests to move the ball on the Arkansas defense. You know, since the gayturds couldn't.

We've proven that we can't overcome bad officiating. And God help us if Mark Curles is trick or treating in Jacksonville this year. But given the momentum we gathered in Nashville and the little swagger we take into the off week, maybe we can smack em in the mouth a little bit.

If so, set your DVRs for the post game news conference. And pass Timmy the tissues. Here's your napkin Reader. Hope this week's entree tasted better than last week's.



David Hale said...

Two things for ya, Bernie ... and not because I'm already going through blogging withdraw:

1.) Just another note on Caleb -- the kid hasn't been able to eat solid foods for two weeks... and he still looked strong. Remember when everyone said he had no heart?

2.) You mentioned Adams... well, they shut down the press box elevators at Vandy's stadium w/ 5 mins left in the game, holding them for the coaches. So us press folks had to walk through the half-empty stands to get to the field.

Turns out, we followed Damon Evans and Michael Adams the whole way, with fans offering a few entertaining jabs at Adams as we went.

My favorite part, however, was noticing Damon's trench coat he was wearing. The belt just seemed oddly out of place. I mentioned this just as the R&B's Tyler Estep suggested Damon purchase "The Executive," i.e. Morty Seinfeld's fashionable beltless trench coat.

Have a great week, sir!

MikeInValdosta said...

The Executive, LOL.

Mark Curles and company must be stopped at any and all costs. I'm just saying.

Go Dawgs!

Bernie said...

I guess we can surmise that Damon Evans doesn't shop at Rudy's.

As for Curles, maybe we should send him to the Costanza's for paella.

MikeInValdosta said...

Corkscrew! LOL

Bernie said...

Cheap fabric and dim lighting. That's how you move merchandise.

Kasie said...

I heart AJ, too. He makes life worth livin' here in GA.

genxdawg said...

To follow up on Hale's comment, I am really proud of Caleb King's attitude, work ethic and progress this season. I've spoken out for Caleb before and I think it's good when we remember and point out that football is about things other than final stats a lot of the time. I hope he has a breakout game with the numbers to back it up really soon.