Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - A Jilted Pair of Jorts

Yes...I said it. If you don't believe it, please schedule your Dawg heart transplant...STAT!

Bye weeks before the WLOCP mean extra preparation, for fans and for the team. So while some fans may be taking a little extra time for their Jax excursion, I'm sure the team is taking the starch outta the playbooks.

This team could use a wrinkle. Not necessarily a trick play. Just an offensive adjustment, something to add yards to the drives and move the chains.

Three and outs aren't gonna cut it against the mutha's team. Failing to cross midfield just won't work against the SECs darling. Getting the ball to AJ Green only a handful of times is to admit defeat.

AJs on pace for a standout season, career. This game doesn't hinge solely on his shoulders, but he's proven they're broad enough to carry more than his share. Greg Childs of Arkansas had 4 catches for 135 yards and a TD against this gator secondary. Childs is a good receiver...but he's no #8.

Want a clear front-runner for the Heisman? Read the papers next Sunday morning about how Coach Bobo unleashed Adriel Jeremiah Green on the vaunted reptilian defense. The stats will amaze you.

But it'll be the end result, the numbers on the scoreboard when the clock ticks dead that makes you smile.

Today's Ingredients
  • JJ sees Saturday's game against the go gator as a measuring stick.
  • Mike is excited about Florida Week, despite the fact that it'll be 11 vs 18 once the game kicks off.
  • Streit welcomes us to Hate Week.
  • Bulldawg Illustrated's Andrew Miller has 5 Bye Week Questions.
  • Hale promises to be back from furlough. He'll probably just spend today bragging about finishing a 5K Saturday...but it should be nice to see his words.
  • Steve Hummer provides some insight into a time when AJ told Slurban, thanks for stopping by. Capt. Mulkey would certainly be proud of what his protege has been up to.
  • Meanwhile Rex wonders if the mechanic is done fixing the wheels in time for the planets to align.
  • 3SIB thought Saban and Kiffy's first (actual) battle was ugly, but in a pretty way.
  • TeamSpeedKills' takes it's weekly look at Saturday Lessons.
  • The Senator looks back at Saturday's most excellent broadcasting.
  • Some Supper Club ShoutOuts....Erin for cleaning my kitchen (awesome!), Cord for cleaning Nama's plate and Miranda for shaking my hand on the prop bet just before Mount Cody lifted his cleats three inches off the turf to save Saban's sanity.
  • And lastly, my dear wife. We've been doing Supper Club for three years and she finally used the kitchen to its full potential. Even more awesome!
There's a lot of ways I could close this post. But none of the ways I considered are better than this...

...ahh, good times!

Now Reader...go treat this Monday as if you were Vincent Dooley and it were Charley Pell.