Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - Layin' the Cards on the Table

Some quick programming notes. Today's meatloaf has an untraditional shape, form....taste. Desperate times, desperate measure. All that jazz. Also, yesterday's thoughts have been edited a bit. Matt (aka Dawgmjs) helped me realize that my words had been carelessly typed. I in no way believe that a house cleaning should be the order of business in Butts-Mehre this morning. But a good cupboard cleaning...that sounds about right.

Now grab a fork. Hope this isn't too hard to digest.

Getting whallop'd by the voWels is a big story. But there's a bigger one brewing after Saturday's early matinee. And the plot of this tale has a bitterness to it.

Georgia's rockstar is under fire. To make matters worse, it's a fire he started himself. The 45-19 drubbing in Knutsville led many to the common knee-jerk reaction: fire the coach! And while that reaction has a true lunacy to it that may be comforting to some, for Damon Evans to follow up in that direction would certainly be a mistake. Mark Richt has led our Dawgs to the promised land. He's showed us the road to BCS riches goes directly through Atlanta in December.

He's given us a taste. We cheered.

Things the last couple weeks have been less cheerful. And while Coach Richt can survive (by my estimation) an ass handing of epic proportions from the HillBillys to our north, there are a number of things he cannot survive.

Again, my estimation:
  • The Stones to Shuffle Look, I get it. I have friends who I would give countless chances to disappoint me further. But there comes a time when separate roads can lead to a more lasting relationship. We've tried to be patient. The results only get less favorable for the hand we're trying to play. Barring a surprising resignation, there should be no drastic changes in staff in October. But there can be tweaks. And when the time is right (should it arise in earnest), there can be a reshuffling of the deck.
  • Call a Spade as Such We've all grown tired of the relentless stream of bull(crap). If I can recognize that it's not the placekicker's fault we give up several free first downs a game, surely the head coach can. It does not become him when he spins it a different way. I'm effin' sick of it, so I assume I can say with relative certainty that we're sick of it. If you can't let your words to the media hold accountable parties as such, then let your actions. Case in point: kick it deep for goodness sake!
  • Play the Hand You've Dealt A head coach cannot force a seventeen year old to choose his program, but that same head coach can choose his own staff. Blaming those players who have moved to Athens to help better the Georgia Football program is doing us no favors. It's an old, very tired method of operation. The fans don't like it, the media sees through it and I would imagine recruits soon should take notice. When a coach on staff fails to prepare those under his tutelage to do their job on Saturdays, let's remove any appearance of impropriety and be honest. If that won't work, then repeat after me: No comment. If you couldn't blow sunshine after Okie St. or LSU, it ain't gonna fly after Tennessee.
Sure, there's more to do. But this is a start. And in case I wasn't clear yesterday, lemme be clear today. Coach Richt is my guy. He was my guy as a coach from the moment Haynes crushed their face. And he was as a man when he stayed an extra hour to satisfy a long line of fans who had waited to have their picture made. My daughter and I were at the end of that line.

So I'll always return the favor. Have yourself a Columbus sized Monday Reader. And if a HillBilly gives you any type of hell, just show em your dental insurance card.

Boom. Roasted!



Pumpdawg said...

I know you've tried to stay off CWM's back thru all this.But,when you field a team that makes John crompton look like a Heisman candidate something has to give.My friend who is a Vol fan was calling him Crompton Unitas after the game.That's how good WE made him look.After the season Damon needs to go to Tuscaloosa with a blank check and tell Kirby it's time to come home.

DieHardDawg said...

Well spoken on pretty much all fronts. As a native Athenian and a born and bred bulldawg I get rather incensed when I hear the cries for CMR's head, and I'd like to find the guy who started and rip him a new one. Doesn't mean I'm thrilled with what's going on...

I, too, would enjoy a little more honesty from the man in charge. Just admit to us that the team was not well-prepared and tell me that you're going to kill yourselves this week doing your best to correct the problems. As far as position coaches and coordinators, if nothing else I'd like to see one guy be given the reins for the season and let that be just doesn't sound right.

My questions to those who want new blood at the top are two:
1. Who are you going to get that's better? Look where we were before Richt got here, and look where we've been since. Who's going to do better? He was and still is the right man for the job.
2. Does anyone really think we're going to have 10 win seasons year in and year out in the SEC? In this league everyone is going to have a down year. It's rough going through it this year, but we are bound to have a rough one every now and then.

That being said I do think he's going to have some tough decisions to make with his staff at season's end. I do not envy that position.

On a side note, has anyone come up with a good explanation as to how the entire TN team could dance ON THE FIELD OF PLAY for the entire duration of Rocky Top and not be flagged? We were hit with a double penalty for it in Jacksonville and have been scrutinized closely by the officials for two years since, and yet TN gets to do it while the officials stand at the edge of the pile and watch?

Bernie said...

Pump - I try to be fair and honest. The last thing I want is my little space to turn into a place where coaches heads roll. However, I don't believe Willie or Bobo are catching up to the SEC. Here's a post from a couple weeks ago regarding the defense.

DieHard - it's ALWAYS worth saying: CMR is the only guy I want running my beloved Dawgs. I know what's happening now frustrates me to no end. But I'm sure it's tearing him up something fierce.

Better days of kibble ahead.