Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mumme Poll - all poll, no bias

After getting punched in the gut by a hillbilly Saturday afternoon, the last thing I wanted to do was watch some football. But I remembered one of our biggest gripes about the other polls, legitimacy. One thing I have on Coach Richt is the opportunity to watch and digest some other action around the nation. So I hunkered down and used my remote control skills to gather some data for this week's Mumme Poll. (Although I do admit that once the wife got home from work, I lost control of the remote briefly...but I didn't have much interest in watching every minute of CBS brown-nosing UrTim MeyBow.)

So the training wheels are off. You can click here to get to the Mumme Poll results. Just remember that the results may not be released as of the time of this post.

Top Five
Alabama (no change)
Florida (up 1)
Texas (down 1)
Virginia Tech (up 1)
Southern Cal (down 1)

The Next Seven
Ohio State (no change)
Boise State (up 2)
Iowa (down 1)
TCU (up 1)
Miami (up 1)
Cincinnati (up 1)
LSU (down 4)

Bama, Florida and Texas still all have a legitimate argument for the top spot. Bama didn't do anything against Ole Miss but take a firmer grasp of #1 in my mind. Last week I had Texas ahead of Florida, but couldn't really keep that order after what I saw Saturday night.

I don't like to move teams down on an off week, but the more impressed I become with Bama the more impressed I become with Va Tech as well. They did what they should have done Saturday which is destroy a lesser opponent (Boston College). Plus, their offense this year is much more balanced than in the past with a legitimate threat at QB.

I thought I would be introducing a new team or two to the next seven, but the more I looked at possibilities the more I realized that LSU is still on of the best teams in the nation. So I moved them down to the bottom; they're probably just one offensive playmaker away from having a decent shot at threatening Bama for the trip to Atlanta.

The only other move of consequence was jumping Boise State ahead of Iowa. My only basis for that was the fact that Iowa looked pretty lackluster against Michigan from what little I saw.

The games I have circled this week are VA Tech at GA Tech, South Carolina at Bama,Oklahoma/Texas and USC at Notre Dame. If Texas and/or USC lose or look lackluster...then I'm gonna be putting in even more work into next week's poll.

But to be honest, this work is actually pretty fun.

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