Wednesday, October 21, 2009

On the Recruiting Trail

With the Bye Week, thought we'd forgo the Locker Notes this week and look at some recruiting nuggets. Afterall, if it's good enough for the coaches this week...good enough for me. (All links are Scout premium)
  • First and foremost, Jeff Luc. The Port St. Lucie 5 star MLB has visited KiffyBaby and is heading out to sunny California this weekend. Slurban and LSwho will also get visits. Athens is on a fairly short list to get his fifth visit. However, there may not be much time to gain ground on the front runners, as Luc is still trying to graduate early. If that falls into place, a decision will be coming soon.
  • Another longshot is Crimson Tide commit Blake Sims. Turns out CMR wants back in and plans to handle the Gainseville, GA athlete's recruitment personally. Sims' dad says his son is happy with his decision. I guess we'll find out how happy.
  • TJ Stripling committed to CMR back in August, but still chats with coaches from Florida, Tennessee and Ohio State. The SW Dekalb star is 6'6" and 215 pounds and is the #12 rated d-end in the nation. Coach Garner is keeping close tabs on TJ, who says "I still see myself playing for Georgia right now."
  • Meanwhile 5 star safety Alec Ogletree also remains committed to Georgia and is showing everyone watching that he's ready to play at the college level now. If you follow the link and watch Simmons' video of Ogletree, about a minute in is a hit so pure and violent it is eerily reminiscent of one Thomas Davis. At 6'3" and 215 pounds...#39 is dangerous lethal at the high school level.
I'll try and get some more up this weekend while I'm watching other teams fight to move up in the Mumme Poll.


UGA NATION Blog said...

I don't think Georgia has a chance with Luc, his best friend Deon Rogers is committed to the Dogs and he still isn't very interested in visiting. Actually I don't think Deon will stick around if he can go play where Luc goes, it will be interesting to see what happens.
As far a Stripling goes, I think he will stay with Georgia - He has the opportunity to come in and play right away, we all know how thin we are at DE.
There isn't much to say about Alec, he is a beast! I have met Alec a few times recently and he seems to be solid with Georgia. Watching him play live is incredible!
I posted something about Blake Sims yesterday and I am still not sure about why CMR is so interested in him? What are we recruiting him to play?? He's listed as a QB/S

Bernie said...

Sims' recruitment (specifically since CMR is so involved) is a mystery for all the reasons you point out in your post. I'm intrigued...somewhat.

I wish Luc were more interested. He's as violent at MLB as Ogletree is at S. Add Hamilton and it would bring back the malevolence we often witnessed 'tween the hedges back with Davis, Blue and Thurman.

Anonymous said...

I know it's not glamorous to talk about offensive linemen; but I think that's a huge concern with the Dawgs. If you give the QB time to throw, he'll find open receivers. If you open holes, you'll find great tailbacks. So, I would like to see that the Dawgs are recruiting 5 Star offensive linemen. I know that's probably the biggest gray area in ranking recruits; but it is a huge concern for the Dawgs. We need more linemen like Trinton S.

Bernie said...

You're absolutely right Anon. Once Callaway finally left, I believed we could just turn the OL over to Searels and not worry. Seven games into this season, it's obvious our line received too much credit last season with Knowshon's work.

With commits from Golston and Benedict, I'm not sure if we bring in but maybe one more lineman. But it's depth is perpetually a concern it seems.