Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One Small Step for Man...

...one giant leap for the college football fan.

The first Mumme Poll of the season is out. I hope you are taking part as well. I'm pretty sure both of my readers already are up to date on the history, inspiration and logistics of college football's only impartial poll. But just in case...you can get up to snuff by reading this post at Get the Picture.

I plan on posting my ballot here each Tuesday. Feel free to call me out when necessary. Just don't ever accuse me of being a fan of anything reptilian.

Top Five
Southern Cal
Virginia Tech

The Next Seven
Ohio State
Boise State

I've long been an advocate of doing away with the pre-season polls (even before I was an advocate of doing away with the excessive celebration penalties...yet I digress...)

So the nicest part of the Mumme Poll is the fact that I just cast my first ballot based on nothing but actual results. In my mind, Alabama, Florida and Texas all have an argument for #1. Bama's been a surprise in that respect; I like the way they're playing ball right now. They've shown me that they are sound fundamentally and can do the things necessary to win a MNC, namely play kick-ass defense and control the ball on offense. In August, there's no way I would have had Saban's squad near #1.

In the interest of full disclosure...I hate Florida. (Gasp!) But in all honesty, if those top three teams win out through November I would expect to have Florida #1. However, as good as the gators are on defense and as revered as their QB is...I still think the departure of Percy Harvey has hurt them more deeply than most would like to admit. They'll have to replace him with someone steady if they want to defend their trophy...and keep their QB in the game.

But hopefully that becomes a moot point on the next ballot after LSU plays their way into the Top Five by taking care of business at home this weekend. : )

Southern Cal and Virginia Tech could be too high as one loss teams, but other undefeated teams (LSU, Cincinnati, Boise State, TCU and Iowa) I'm just not sold on enough to pull that trigger yet.

In the end I agree with Hamp...despite the sanity of drafting the season's inaugural ballot the first week in October, there's still not enough information to go on.

But one thing casting a Mumme Poll ballot does, is create an anticipation in the voter for more action. Looking forward to Florida/LSU, Wisconsin/Ohio St and Bama/Ole Miss this weekend. Those games are gonna answer some questions in my mind.


Hunker Down said...

The beauty of the Mumme Poll is that we go into in agreement that there is not enough information yet.

Your comment about it creating certain anticipation is dead on. Each week, there will be defining games that help clear the picture until we get to that point in the season when we have too many conflicting defining moments (like the three-way knot in the Big 12 last year) and then it gets muddy again. Haha. That is when our expertise and skill comes in handy. :>)

Bernie said...


Were those handed out when we signed up as pollsters? My gift bag was empty...