Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saban Got Shank'd

Shank'd -v. to be depants in a public setting, and in an embarrassing manner

I love reminiscing. My favorite thing to do with my kids is to watch home movies of when they were younger. They get such a kick out of seeing themselves romp around bumping into things trying to walk and mutter incoherent musings on life as it revolves around them.

My favorite thing to do with Dawg fans is to reminisce on big victories 'tween the hedges. We love watching former Dawgs kick ass and take their names while doing it. Back on October 2nd, 2004...Saban's name was Coach ThumbNAss. We spanked that sumbitch so hard he decided to try an easier league for a couple of years.

Hell, we were up 24-0 before their team even finished getting off the bus. So sit back and enjoy!

Oh Pollack, how I miss ya. And I'm sorry...when the smallest badass ever to
play SEC tackle football brings down your behemoth of a sir, are having
a piss poor day. And someone please remind me of just one time when Thomas
Brown was tackled backwards...??

Suck it Saban...AND your sad sack replacement. Now let's GATA!!


Silver Dawg said...

I am awed every time I read your soulful musings.

And today---today's was almost reverential, prayer-like.


And Geaux Dawgs!

BulldogBry said...

Any idea what that first song is?

Bernie said...

As always, thanks Silver. Guess it tweren't enuf.

BulldogBry - my Shazam app says Hey sailor by The Detroit Cobras.