Thursday, October 29, 2009

St. Simons - a home away from Jacksonville

I've mentioned that I'm not cocktailing in Jax this season. Talked to Nama last night and we mourned over the loss of the feeling of packing on Wednesday and heading out Thursday for St. Simons.

So to hopefully satiate these grief stricken feelings, here's a list of the things I'll miss the most about St. Simons this year.

· an order of fried dill pickles at Gnats on Friday night.

· The common call of the Dawgs wherever you go and wherever you turn.

· a visit to Loco's on the way in.

· golf

· some cornhole while breathing in the ocean air.

· heading in over the bridge.

· The absolute absence of jorts and the color orange.

· The friendly folk.

· the feeling heading out Saturday morning. We've done the bus charter before and that has its advantages. But sometimes someone loses a significant bet the night before and has to be the DD. That's even nicer.

· a PBR (or two or six) at Gnats while we watch the late game Saturday night.

St. Simons is a peaceful place that makes the victories sweeter and the losses easier to stomach. If you live there I understand why. If you're visiting this weekend, have a great time...but also respect the island.

I look forward to my next visit.


JADAMS said...

Not that peaceful during frat beach friday.

But we will be drinking plenty of cocktails and eating massive amounts of fried pickles at gnats in your honor

Pumpdawg the gator hunter said...

Hey Bernie,
I'm workin at a friends house on the Toccoa River in Blue Ridge.Just to let you know I've been keeping a vigil on the river with my gun to slay any wandering gators.No luck yet but keep your fingers crossed.

Bernie said...

JADAMS - that looks like a moshpit of post-teen angst. Ugh!

Pump - Come Monday we hope to be able to change your handle to PumpDawg the gator slayer.

Pumpdawg said...

Pumpdawg the gator slayer..I like it.Maybe I could get my own comic book and then my own cartoon and my own action figure,never mind.If I got all that I would be expected to show up at comic-con and mingle with the nerds from North Ave.I don't even like to be in the same stadium with them so no thanks.