Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday (Sucky) Thoughts

3-3, 2-2...ugh...
  • Folks, this ain't the time to call for coaches' heads. Despite the fact that there are plenty of targets to choose from this week. Between the 6th and 7th week of the season is no time to go looking for a new DC or OC...or HC.
  • That being said, this staff could use a kick in the butt.
  • Bobo/Richt couldn't match up with Gramps. That says a lot about our team.
  • Willie was outschemed by Lame Kitten. That says a lot about our team.
  • AJ was a non-factor, thanks mostly to the second bullet. That means that Drew Butler is officially our team's MVP. And that says a lot about our team.
  • We were the team that gave that asshat his first SEC victory? Are you frickin' kiddin' me?
  • KiffyBaby questioned Coach Richt's ability to run his program and CMR couldn't get his team and coaches up for this game...?
  • Losing 45-19 is one thing. To show up on the road with so little fire and determination...inexcusable.
  • As sick and tired as I am of the excuses and bull(crap) shoveled to us through the media, I wonder what lines CMR is giving the movers and shakers of UGA Athletics at this point.
  • You know, the big money donors that have the pull.
  • All this and I still believe we have more talent than every team we've played thus far. Coach Richt needs to step over this line in the sand he's drawn and use some honesty to address the state of his team with the media, the fans, the coaches, the players....and himself.
  • And that...says a LOT about our team.
More in tomorrow's meatloaf. But be warned, it ain't gonna taste heavenly.


Dawgmjs said...

Gonna disagree one one point. We are not more talented than every team we have played. LSU has as much or more and Tenn has as much. The rest, yea, we have more talent.

Calling for CMR's head, which you didn't do, but hinted at, is ridiculous. period.

Bernie said...

In 2001 on that same field, Tenn was the more talented team and they lost because they were outcoached. Yesterday, roles reversed. I guess we can agree to disagree about the talent of this team as compared to our opponents, but it's obvious to me that the coaches' lack the guts to let our talent play through. I'd point you to this great post by the Senator this morning. These coaches'lack faith and the players are following suit. We were a gritty, scrappy team until we pulled into Knoxville yesterday.

As far as what you think I hinted at, you couldn't be further off base. Sorry if I lead you there. Mark Richt is a great man...who needs a long lasting look in the mirror. He's a great man and the perfect fit for our program, but he needs to stop throwing players under the bus and he needs to stop pissing on my boot while telling me it's raining.

Dawgmjs said...

well, I think the talent of our OL is greatly overrated. Our RB's are young and with the exception of ealey, average. We have 1 great wideout, 2 average veterans, and 2 very young, very green, potentials. TE, all hands, no block so far. That, to me is an incomplete tight end. And our QB is an average college QB, with an inaccurate arm and an abundance of moxy.

Our DTs are above average, but not, I repeat, not great, as many think they are. Our linbackers, with the exception of Curran, are pedestrian, and our senoir DBs are overrated. I like the look of our youngsters here. Our kickers, are excellent. Our coverge, and I think this is coaching and effort, is awful.

Our defensive coaching has gotten progressively worse over the last three years, I and I think a change is in order here. What I keep hearing from the impartial observers up here in small 10 country is that this jsut doesn't look like a Georgia defense. One guy said, "you have replaced your aggressive junkyard dawg with a passive security camera system." I think that is a good analagy.

Anyhow, I know you love the red and black as much as I do, and I know we can disagree with respect. Miss you guys. Say hello to Jen for me.

Bernie said...

Musta missed your re-response yesterday. Agree with most of your talent assessments. What "one guy" said is dead on...unfortunately.

The only caveat I would add to your positional assessment is that there are some exceptions where I think the on field production hasn't met the talent level. The responsibility for that lies partly on the coaches, partly on the players...and maybe some on the recruiting analysts.