Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

Last Sunday the thoughts were soggy. This week their just sucky.
  • We've known SEC referees were the worst for a while. This season is proving that they also are hellbent on making each game decided by their own ruthlessness.
  • Willie had a sound gameplan to stop LSUs offense, and it worked until his defense stop tackling.
  • Washaun Ealey takes off the redshirt and puts on the red jersey. Kid looked good. My apologies to an Anonymous commenter earlier this week. I obviously don't know what I'm typing about.
  • Unfortunately, this offensive line continues to struggle run blocking. And even more unfortunately, you have to run the football to win games.
  • Another freshman with some playing time yesterday was Montez Robinson. I have to check, but that may have been his first action of the season.
  • As big as AJ is to our offense, Drew Butler stands just as tall on special teams.
  • Once again, it is way past time to put Fabris out to pasture.
That's all I got in the tank right now. I'll have more in tomorrow's meatloaf.


Anonymous said...

No Montez Robinson played 33 snaps in the Arizona State game... eyes up moose tracks. These teams are very similar, talented but flawed with less than stellar coaching staffs. I want to see Richt calling the plays again, I think he calls that whole offensive ball game and we win that game running away. It's great to see Washaun, a back with some vision and determination. Mentally tailback is one of the easiest positions to play, and if a true freshmen could play a position that would be a spot for it. Looks like Richt may have learned his lesson from Knowshon... let the Washaun era begin....

Anonymous said...

At least the offense and defense have played well in spurts. The kick and punt coverage has been dreadful all year. Can someone teach Prince Miller to tackle someone instead of just waving at the runner when he flies by? Do we need faster runners on kicks? Somehow our opponents always have lanes to run through getting them to the second wave of defenders and Prince Miller backpeddling. What a joke