Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

Good win leaves more work to do.
  • First things first...I like Bobo on the sideline. Hard to tell if it affected his playcalling. But he brings an energy to the sideline that I like and the players enjoy/benefit from.
  • I thought Bobo being close to Cox and other players was key to us getting through some early inconsistency. Namely the drops and some bad timing issues.
  • Like you Reader, I entered this game against Vandy thinking we needed a convincing win to build some momentum going into the off week.
  • As the game ended, I thought we had done just that. Hale helped confirm it thru Twitter:

I know it was just Vandy & UGA didn't play great in the 1st half, but the attitude among the team seemed vastly improved. Good 1st step.

  • Yeh, good first step. Now two weeks to prepare for Jax.
  • I'm with Derek, floriDuh is beatable. I also think we match up well with Timmy and his disciples.
  • BUT...we'll need a game that is beyond stellar to beat the gayturds....and the SEC officials.
  • Stellar meaning cleaning up penalties, positive turnover margin, knocking guys off the blocks.
  • The defensive tackle rotation will need to gear up to stop that frickin' dive play Slurban is married to. If they can do that, then Rennie and Co. can have a big day.
  • And we know what happens when Rennie has a big day in Jax...
  • Back to Nashville, we were more committed to the running game...and mixing up our defensive looks, rushes.
  • Rambo did get more playing time. I think the next step would be to give him all the playing time.
  • According to my straw poll, the Vandy black out was a lot like Switzerland...small and for the most part, insignificant.
  • Munzenmaier creates TDs as easily as I create gas.
  • Although it's pretty apparent that none of our RBs have breakaway SEC type speed....I believe King is seeing the field best. Nothing fancy yesterday, but looked good doing it.
  • Wooten's gonna continue to be clutch...with or without a lame unsportsmanlike flag.
  • Good to see Quintin Banks. He looks fast and big...
  • Rennie leading the team in tackles is kinda like me leading a tailgate in pulls of bourbon. Ho hum...
  • Lastly, the Dawgs have been pretty good in the red zone this season. The trick is getting there in the first place.

Go grab yourself a nap Reader. You've earned it.


Anonymous said...

Points well said.
We have to get Evans off the field. The Gators will exploit him. I also give CWM credit for calling up a perfect blitz; however Prince Miller did his usual wave at the QB as he flew by. How come he can't tackle anyone in the open field?
The key to the UF game will be how many times BE, PM, and RJ get burned. This team won't be able to come back from a large deficit to win. So, those guys cannot get burned deep.

MikeInValdosta said...

Mike Slive is the Don King of college football!

genxdawg said...

Seems LSU fans can get anyone's phone number. Maybe we should seek their help in getting numbers of who to call and complain to about the farce that is officiating in the SEC this season.

Anonymous said...

Good points however we do have a RB with SEC breakaway speed...Richard Samuel!

That said...he also seems to go down easier than a punter faking getting hit on a punt.