Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday's Fearless Thought

Next Sunday you will be smiling Reader. You'll be smiling because our Dawgs will be sitting at 5-3, not 4-4.

They'll do it by out hustling, out blocking, out tackling and out playing the FU gators. They'll even do it despite officiating that lacks doing what is inherent in its name.

Before you scoff at my prediction...I'm feeling it. I got the feeling. As I type, I should be making may way out to Vegas.

Exhibit A - my tweet on Saturday at 6:56. By 6:57 Mount Cody was catching his breath, helmet off drinking in what was a victory snatched from the jaws of defeat.

Small potatoes...sure. But Saturday afternoon the reptiles are in for a trick while Dawg fans will enjoy quite a treat. This is more than a gut feeling. I feel this victory in every ounce of my being. A victory at the WLOCP will not erase the memory of what happened October 10th, but it's more than a step in the right direction.

It's a giant leap. I'll outline the reasons for my confidence this week Reader. Join in when you can.

But the second order of business today is a word of caution. If you're the fan who'd rather see our Dawgs lose, please kindly kiss both my cheeks. If you're the fan that truly believes Timmy Teesus is the best player evah, you should no longer grace college football with your fellowship. If you're the fan who is so enamored with Corch Meyer you can no longer see straight, I hope your jorts are perpetually filled with itching powder. And if you're the fan who has lost hope in our players...

...shame on you. I no longer want your clicks.


genxdawg said...

Now that's what we in the television biz call a tease...and a sweet one at that. Embrace that good feeling, I'm sure trying to. I'm looking forward to reading your take.


Hmmm lets see ,you can blow my comments to bits on this blog but you refer to Tim Tebow as teblow.FU AZZHOLE,this is the week we open up the offense up on your crippled team and once again teach your coach richter scale how to win a national championship aftedr nine years.GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MikeInValdosta said...

I see a big day for Orson Charles and Joe Cox (even if we have to wait for sundown for Cox to get it going.

Bacarri Rambo!

AJ Green!

Justin Houston!

Brandon Boykin!

Running Back By Committee!

Blair Walsh!

Rest for Drew Butler!

Rennie "The Nigerian Knife" Curran!

Dawgs pull it out

GATA(or tails) Dawgs!

31-27 Dawgs Win! This team is so young! We had no business winning this game! The Dawgs pulled one out no one thought they could win! You didn't give up, neither did I!

Dawgs Win!


Hey athletes around the country,go play for UGA,where winning a national championship is measured in decades and not years. p.s did you know the last time Uga won a crystal ball Jimmy Carter was still the standing president.HELLUVA PROGRAM YA GOT THERE!!!!

Bernie said...

I think your jorts may be too tight Native. It's cutting off some much needed circulation.

But I'd like to gradulate you on figuring out this was a Georgia blog and for not having to throw a felon off the team in nearly a year...unless I missed one.