Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This Week's Mumme Poll

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The water is increasingly muddier each week at the top, but I muddled through and this is what I came up with:

Top Five


The Next Seven

Southern Cal
Georgia Tech
Boise State
Penn State

It's becoming easier and easier to admit that there is greater parity in the NCAA. No one will ever convince me that the SEC isn't the best conference, but the two favored teams at the top increasingly need help from zebras to remain at the top. Texas moved up for me because the team ahead of them did their best to lose.

How does Bama not score a TD at home against Tennessee? I still believe Bama is the best team in the SEC, but like the defending champions have proven...they gots issues.

Not a lot to cover with my next seven. LSU put together a compete game; NATS overcame crappy weather to post a convincing road win (dammit!!) in Charlottesville; Southern Cal, Boise State...blah blah blah.

But TCU deserves any mention that they can garner at this point. BYU is no easy out and they dominated them...in Provo. I would imagine Coach Bumpas' (TCU DC) agent is already starting to field some phone calls.

And Penn State moves in on the virtue of thier only loss continues to be to an undefeated team. Granted Iowa was on the ropes Saturday night they landed a miracle knock out blow at the final bell.

But this season especially...a win is a win.

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