Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Thoughts & Musings of Randomness

As the Dawgs gear it down a little during the bye week, the SEC is awash in accountability. Or at least rinsing their hands. And while we can rest assured that Mark Curles will not be trick or treating in Jacksonville, the jury's still out on whether or not Richard Samuel will lead the team in yards rushing one season and tackles the next.
  • Samuel's January. I had forgotten Samuel had played LB until I read this post by Streit last month about the Cass HS Pygmy Goat. My thoughts boil down to this - the kid is fast, he likes I give it two thumbs up. Like PWD, I also look forward to seeing how the transition pans out.
  • Slive sits Curles in the corner. The SEC's (quote/unquote) officiating crew will not eff up any more games until November 14th. Before you click over to the WWL...there is no official apology to AJ. But Mike adds his thoughts on Curles' Kleenex session. I have a little knowledge for Mr. Curles I'd like to throw his way: In the immortal words of Joe Waterloo, Boo (effin') hoo. I'm sorry your suckiness at officiating a tackle football game has led lunatics to call your home and office. Maybe as a new second job you could take up Wal-Mart. Just don't flag the patrons for celebrating the the low low prices.
  • KiffyBaby desperate to talk about receivers (h/t Senator). The dimwitted wonder takes a pot shot at AJ Green, essentially labeling him soft for not taking on more hits. CMR fires right back, "Maybe it's wisdom rather than fear." Hmm...wisdom...Kiffikins...does not compute. I feel ya Coach. Nice one! I'll only add that the Dawg receiver also tends to stay outta trouble. At least the boy genius didn't go after AJs grandmother.
  • Bergwood appreciates safety. Darren the Intern checked the BDB inbox yesterday and found this news release sent in from an actual live BDB reader. Pete may have been showing off how connected he is ("You're married?!?"), but he evidently has spoken directly with the All-State Streaker to get his take on the most exciting way to score on the gridiron. Hot Bobby Hot Bobby!

Commercial Star Looks to Change College Football Rule
When Georgia scored a safety in its 45-19 loss to Tennessee on Oct. 10, the play rewarded the Bulldogs with two points. If a popular college football commercial character gets his wish, the sport might see a significant increase in the safety’s point value.
"Bergwood", the whacky, bearded tailgater from the Allstate college football commercials, feels that a safety – one of the sport’s rarest scoring plays – should be worth more than two points in college football. He recently launched "Proposition Safety," a national campaign aimed at increasing the value of the defensive statistic to eight points.
To rally support for his cause, he’s campaigning at major college football games this season and is also collecting signatures on his rivalry-themed web site,
“Touchdowns and field goals are super awesome, but we see those scores happen all the time,” said Bergwood. “I believe that defenses across the country should be fairly rewarded for scoring a safety and I’m looking for fans who feel the same.”

Hold the Tartar sauce Reader. See ya tomorrow!


Pumpdawg said...

I read a quote from Samuels when he first got to Athens that he wanted to play linebacker more than running back because he "likes to hit more than get hit". Also,do you know if that bunch of ref a-holes were supposed to call the Ga.-Fla. game?

Bernie said...

Good point. I didn't include this because I didn't find it before I finished this post, but you should check out the Scout evaluation of Samuel. He plays both sides of the ball with a LB mentality. 'Nuf said.

As far as the a-hole zebras...I was looking for a place where you could find the rotation of refs for upcoming games and got sidetracked by Reading Time with the 5yo last night. My guess would be no. But who knows what treats Redding has in store for us down in Jax.