Friday, October 23, 2009

Who's That Comin'... (yawn..) Bye Week

Last minute costume ideas
: an excessive celebration, an emerging scooter, a piece of toast, Logan Gray (although people may not recognize you and your arm may get tired from all the waving), and for those of you who are tall enough to pull it off, a turnover margin.

Do with those what you will.

Trivial Update
Q - Given the upcoming apparent move of Richard Samuel to many tackles did the Cass HS star have his last two seasons as a prep?

When a Georgia tailback misses a block, that player is designated to an assignment in northern Siberia and is lucky to see the field again (points of reference - Caleb last season, Carlton this season).ThursdaysRTrivial has been sending any and all correspondence for @BPMackie to another remote location, East Bumble. However quite suddenly yesterday, he came outta nowhere and proved again to be a contender.

Whenever Mackie wins one of these, I'm tempted to make a pair of pants the prize. But the kid and his wife celebrated their 4th anniversary yesterday. So this calls for something special. And given that Samuel was a star in Cartersville....for Mack - a miniature Cass HS Pygmy Goat Bobblehead doll. It's commemorative and should go nicely on your desk next to that picture of you backstage with Menudo.

As for the wife...a year's subscription to know, just in case.

Tailgate Predictions
  • Saban might need a footstool to reach Ol' Man Monte's nose, but his defense will give it a good twist while welcoming the Kiffin Family to Tusckyloosie. (Free shout-out to anyone able to get a pic of Layla with the Bama Twins)
  • My trusty intern pointed out to me this week that I have yet to pick the nerds to with that being said....oh, who'm I kidding....I just can't do it. Wahoos surprise the Halo Heroes and Miranda shows up at Supper Club drunk...and pissed. Hellz Yeh!
  • Steve Martin gives the Visor a scare, but in the end the 'Dores drop their third in a row in Chickumbia.
  • Slurban shows some respect for his former OC and only uses one timeout to reach 50...but grimaces when his favorite nephew Timmy is flagged for an unsportsmanlike haircut.
  • Slive waits 'til Monday to point out that the FU gators are flagged for transgressions as well...then calls Corch to apologize.
  • Hogs focus their anger at being held at bay by the dreaded Curles' yellow flag on Oxford and trounce Coach Nutty.
  • And Ohio St. beats Minnesota by two and a half TDs and the sports world barely even notices. BWAHAHAHA!!

Studio Analysis

If you haven't yet signed up for a duty shift in downtown Athens this weekend, please do so before you leave this afternoon. We need a full plane load of players for the Party on the St. Johns next weekend. Can't afford to have any players left stranded in an alley desperate to emerge.

I did a little research and discovered that the Dawgs have yet to drop one to the bye week, and given the momentum established in Nashville last's doubtful we let this one get away. But we'll have to wait until All Hallows Eve to find out if this year's bye week can help produce the miracle that was '97 or the celebration that was '07 at the WLOCP.

However, I do know this: I've got ideas about floriDuh. I've called, but CMR won't listen to them. Still, I'm hoping you will Reader so I'm gonna share them over the next week. Looking forward to your feedback.

But until then, enjoy the Saturday off. Do something to lower the blood pressure for a change. Breathe. Sit down a spell. Maybe go to your favorite BBQ joint and order a Lewis Grizzard Special. (Free jar of sweet tea if you can tell me what that is in the GloryGlorys....and a slice of pecan pie if you can do it without Google.)

Then go have yourself an off weekend Reader. God knows we've earned it.



namaman said...

That would be a barbecue sandwich, Brunswick stew, and onion rings. And don't worry...I didn't use Google.

I used :-)

George Houston said...

Love it! Those are some funny costume ideas!

Bernie said...

You and your loopholes Nama! For shame.

Tri Runner - I think we can fit you into a turnover margin...surprisingly, we're sold outta toast.