Friday, October 2, 2009

Who's That Comin'...week five

Willard's on his way home, Coach Richt's a dancer not a crier and Wooten's maturing quickly. Let's do this thang!

Trivial Update

Q - A newcomer to Twitter but not the Dawgs' secondary, what did @reshadjones9 watch on TV last night?
A - Inside the NFL

Either my TweetShow is gaining in popularity or the question this week was too easy. Guess the Dawgs' strong safety has an easier time gaining followers than a hotshot blawgger. Regardless, @DieHardDawg was the first to tweet in, followed by @ugagirl88 @ClintThomason @alanashley @namaman and @ugagrad (...and a Happy late B-Day to Paige, Russell Hall was never as secure as while you were on duty!)

I don't have enough prizes for all these Dawg I'm hoping Jones can knock enough mouthpieces out of the LSU receiving corps Saturday to make up the difference. Actually...LaFell's teeth would be even better....

Tailgate Predictions

  • I eat my first ever muffaletta sandwich and enjoy every bite.
  • Slurban doesn't play boy wonder at all this week. But they hold hands while they watch Uncle Verne and Gary wax so freakin' poetic 'tween the hedges.
  • Cord wears a tattered poncho into the game for no apparent reason and chooses to sit no where near me.
  • KenYucky hangs tight with Bammer for a full 8 minutes.
  • Oklahoma exposes Miami as an even greater fraud at the #17 spot. Slip Sliding Away...
  • AwwBarn shows those HillBillys that although Coach Chizik cut his teeth on Big 12 foes...he at least has lost all his baby teeth....unlike their coach.
  • At my wife's first tailgate of the season I treat her to a better than average cornhole whuppin'.
  • Nama shows enough restraint to limit himself to one Bloody Mary.
  • The hand sanitizer in the port-o-lets is gone well before my first visit.
  • And one week after coming within four inches of upsetting LSwho, Mullen's mutts fall flat on their face when Coach Gailey brings his bugs to Stark'dville. (I know...I just feel sorry for that guy and the way he's been disrespected.)

Studio Analysis

Dawgs send Tigers home with their tail 'tween their legs -

Dawgs 35

fightin' Lesters 20

Sure I don't need to remind you Reader that last year's matchup in Baton Rouge was enough to give even the most insane Tiger fans reason to shoot fingers at CBS television cameras. Since that game, LSU has played pretty well. Hell, they even played defense for a full 60 minutes against the North Avenue Trade School when they met in the GA Dome on New Year's Eve.

Unfortunately, part of their success comes from the decision to start a QB other than Jarrett Lee under center T-Bob. Lee completed more passes to Dawg jerseys last October than I have in my whole career. GahRANtee!

Russell Shepherd is the signal caller most cajuns wanna see. He's a freshman who also happened to be the Tiger's leading rusher last week in the Stark Patch. Ouch! But it's Jordan Jefferson who's getting the snaps. And all he did last week was pass for 233 yards and a couple of TDs.

But it's the cajun bengal running game that has most Dawg fans chewing cuticles. Charles Scott gashed us good last season, but has passed up a shot at NFL millions to become a shadow of himself his senior season in Baton Rouge. How the Missy State Dogs held him to 6 carries and 15 yards befuddles me.

The Mad Hatter says he's committed to running the football, but the results haven't been there. I like our defensive front against an offensive line that has struggled....immensely...against lesser opponents (Mental note - to all fans attending, follow the lead of the student section tomorrow. Especially when the Tigers have the football. They are loud and energized. Let's help our defense dominate the #4 team in the nation like they did the PacTenPuppy last week.)

And it's always a good bet to gamble on Gamble.

Offensively, we should be fine. King and Samuel will again split carries, hopefully one really catches fire while also treating the football like it was their momma's best flower vase. But it'll be a freshman I believe who'll tilt the contest in our favor. I gave ya a hint in this week's Locker Notes.

Yup!....Orson Charles is gonna have a big game. Let em try. Let em fail. And I hope you have an even bigger weekend Reader. Be loud and be proud!


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