Friday, October 16, 2009

Who's That Comin'...week seven

No scooters were ridden in the making of this post. Helium filled weather balloons...?? Well, that's a different story.

Trivial Update
Q - Now that BalloonBoy is officially GROUNDED (cue laughter...)...ThursdaysRTrivial ep. 16 "Dawgged History" brought to U by JiffyPop, Child Protective Services & Hurricane Heene. REPLY back your answer for a fabulous prize! This week's question: Given the #Dawgs success the last decade, their current record is very unsettling. So...when was the last time Georgia had a 3-3 record and what was their final record at the end of the season in question? Hold onto that tether...and good luck!
A - 1996, 5-6

Ugh...this one was painful. But good fans know where they've been, right? Well, call @allyugadawg a good fan. Back in Donnan's inaugural season the Dawgs limped into Nashville sporting a 2-3 record; and after an ugly 13-2 victory over Vandy, we limped out at 3-3.

Ally - rock that signature Donnan cap and the matching O'ahu shirt in style while you paint Nashville red. Then maybe throw in a tunnel screen to Wooten the ballcatchah. Bobo should remember that one.

Tailgate Predictions
  • Nearly 25,000 Vandy fans wear black to Vanderbilt Stadium, but don't realize how lame their black out is until they actually sit down....and it dawns on them that their sea of black is more like a small pond.
  • Bevo sits on Sam Bradford, spoiling the Sooner QBs Heisman campaign but securing the Longhorns' win in the Red River Shoot-out.
  • Speaking of Heisman campaigns, Jimmy Clausen's fictitious one takes on the Trojans. He comes up as empty as the doughnut box on his coach's desk.
  • Hokies use a little Beamer ball and a lot of Tyrod to keep PJs options in check.
  • AJ gets sick and tired of Drew Butler being the team MVP, breaks out again something mad on Dudley Field.
  • Saban bitch slaps Spurrier...then uses the back of the hand as an encore in the second half.
  • Vandy can't throw the football. Georgia can't defend the pass. An epic battle ensues.

Studio Analysis

No yawns during this week of preparation. Still awaiting word if Coach Richt indeed darkened Coach Landers' door. But I can confirm that Kirby Smart still resides in Tuscaloosa and Will Muschamp enjoys burnt orange. Jeez people....really?

Vandy lost to Army. Georgia lost to Tennessee. One's a bad loss for a program. The other is like getting depants'd as you walk into a high school cafeteria on pizza and tater tots day. Georgia needs a solid performance to build momentum heading into a bye week. Vandy needs an afternoon break in between studying for mid-terms.

Something's gotta give...

Maybe you've talked yourself into a huge Dawg win, one in which the coaches and players rally around each other. Maybe the players only meeting was just what the scoreboard needed. And maybe some minor traffic violations will prove to be the glue that holds this team together.

Me...I'm cautiously optimistic.

Dawgs 25

'Dores 23

On the legal side, those of you heading up to Nashville should be able to enjoy your freedom travelling in and out of alleys as you see fit. If you're staying in Athens however, don't go emerging from one without a license to do so.

Other than that, have a weekend Reader.



MikeInValdosta said...

"Empty" - that was funny!

I agree it is going to be close, way too close.

Gray only sees field for fair-catches.

During post game interview, Richt says "Rambo has earned more playing time" and "We have got to keep chopping wood"

rakeback said...

I think Sam will pick where he left off and lead the Sooners to a victory over a less than stellar Colt McCoy and Texas Longhorns team.

Unknown said...

I can't get rid of the notion that Vanderbilt has been preparing for their superbowl all week. I wonder how many times the coaches have said, "this GA team can be had!"?(Lord forgive me I'm quoting someone else)

And in the category of things that make me throw up in my mouth a little-seeing Charlie Weiss giving his smarmy little grin. That is the grin of a baby eater(or at least kittens). Please, oh please SoCal, beat the urine hatters.