Friday, October 9, 2009

Who's That Comin'...week six

Best joke of the week, an oldie but (most) SEC fans can really sink their teeth into:

What has 200 feet and 7 teeth? The first row at
Neyland Stadium. Boom. Roasted.

Trivial Update

I was too lazy to choose between two questions, so we played a Daily Double.

Q 1 - Who was the holder for the critical PAT in the 1980 Dawgs' 16-15 win in Knoxville?
A 1 - Jim Broadway (h/t Rex)

I thought this would be more difficult than it was. @allyugadawg chimed in first followed by@MikeInValdosta @Shainam @matt_T and @ugagirl88. Each of you will enjoy an authentic replica Bill Bates jersey complete with Herschel's cleat marks. (Disclaimer: all Bill Bates' replica jerseys authenticated in Bernie's backyard with the help of two little girls wearing their soccer cleats.)

Q 2 - According to Hale, what "award" did Crompton win at the 2004 Elite 11 camp?

What SEC quarterback has more facial hair than his pre-pubescent coach? Fresh Outta Crompton...Boom! Roasted! @MikeInValdosta came back for seconds but was kicked aside by semantics. Bernie keeps the luxurious appointed facial hair care kit and plans a Magnum PIesque look coming later this fall.

Tailgate Predictions

  • Rogers Redding takes a nap Saturday afternoon to rest up for all the phone calls Sunday.
  • VA Tech improves to 5-1 and no turkeys get castrated in the process.
  • DiddyFreeShoes stammers his way through another opponent, gets carried off the field following a victory, then refers to NATS as Atlanta PolyTech Southwest State. Jimbo continues to die a slow death.
  • Meanwhile JoePa eats another cupcake.
  • Bad news - Timmy gets the night off and Mike the Tiger throws Brantley around like a piece of raw meat.
  • Good news - three more boys are enjoying their brand new circumcisions come Sunday morning.
  • Awwbarn's run finally finds a pothole. Peetreeno calls the Hawgs late into the afternoon while somewhere outside an Opelika airstrip a man yells, "See...I told ya so..."

Studio Analysis

Dawgs show HillBillys who the real WildBoyz are.

Dawgs 20

Kiffers 14

Sure, I hope that this is finally the complete game we've been hoping for. The game where the offensive unit is in sync with the defensive unit. The game where Fabris finally dislodges his head from his ass like a well cork'd bottle ready to breathe.

But why would I have reason to expect that in this game? I'll admit I've only watched about 5.5 quarters of RockyFlopFootball this season, about 3 quarters of the Auburn loss and a little more than a half of the floriDuh surrender.

What I have seen is a creamsickle'd football team that runs the ball as if they're out of frequent flyer miles. That should play right into Ol' Willie's hand. Play the run hard, force KiffyBaby into passing downs and let him run it anyway. In the event he does put Crompton back in the pocket, the ladies man with the hairy lip will be right in Houston's cross-hairs.

Back to reality...turnovers and penalties (what else...??) keep this one close, despite the disparity in talent level. JoeWaterloo always likes to point out to me that they always have solid o-line and d-line play in Knutsville. The difference this year is no Ainge, no receivers who can catch the ball and no stud LBs. Just Montario Hardesty and Eric Berry.

Keep your shirts on Dawg fans, this is gonna be another wild win. Now go get yo'self a weekend!


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