Friday, November 27, 2009

It took me 40 years...

And at this point in my life, I can break things down into what I've seen and what I plan to.
  1. two beautiful, healthy children that bless my life everyday and will continue to give me gray hairs by the dozens
  2. Vince Dooley lead the Dawgs to a National Title and Coach Richt being led off the field on Chris Burnette's shoulders
  3. a beautiful bride walk down the aisle to take my hand and take me into the stands where she screams at some Dawg to Hold on to the ball!!!
  4. my dad continuously beat me at golf at every opportunity and an eagle putt that stays true followed by a high five from the game's greatest teacher
  5. a sunrise in the Caribbean and a sunset in Hawaii
  6. three degrees that hang on my office wall and (at least) one each that hang from my girls'
  7. Lindsay Scott make Munson break a chair with a 5" cushion and AJ Green hold up the Heisman trophy
  8. the miracle of holding a brand new life and instantly falling in love and the wonder of doing the same as a grandBernie
  9. an SEC title won on Stegeman's floor and a Final Four appearance where Coach Fox barks while cutting down the nets
  10. dinner outside of a Tuscan villa and a pint in Scotland
  11. Lewis Grizzard wax poetic in person and Mark Knopfler play in person
  12. Munson say Get the Picture and Scott Howard scream Dawgs Win!! in Jacksonville
  13. the life slip out of my dear Jake as he was put under and the life in my girls' eyes when I bring home a puppy
  14. my mom smile as all of her children shared at her table and my mom continue to teach us what family is all about
  15. Sugar falling from the sky and Roses in a parade
  16. the agony of losing a loved one to cancer and a cure to a dreadful disease
  17. seven in a row against NATS and a similar streak against floriDuh
  18. the frustration of being useless to help and the gracious eyes of a kid in need
  19. Coach Richt kiss the water girl and Andy Landers kiss a National Title trophy
  20. Four decades of wonderful memories and by God's grace at least four more
Between what's in the rear view and what's on the road ahead, that looks like about forty things to me. I better get busy. But before I go, one more thing.

Like you Reader, I spent a lot of yesterday giving thanks for family, friends, our great country... But today I'd also like to thank everyone for reading. I've seen thousands of page views here in just over a year. Put simply, I'm humbled.

God Bless and Go Dawgs!


MikeInValdosta said...

Dang, Bernie.

Warn a fellow, give him a chance to double knot the ole heart strings before you start tugging at'em.

Good work! I hope all the bold quickly fades, but not too quick where those beautiful girls are concerned.

#13 should fall in about 4 weeks. Make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Pure gold. I shed one very manly tear as I took stock of those things in my own life.

It's a great day to be alive.

Happy Birthday, my man.

Bernie said...

Thanks guys.

Right now we've got our hands full with the Choc Lab we adopted. But I've told the wife that my mid-life crisis will not be some hot rod. It'll be an english bulldog to live vicariously through.

David Hale said...

Happy birthday, Bernie. Hope your Dawgs give you something to celebrate tonight.

Bernie said...

At this age, there's always something to celebrate David. But a Dawg win always makes the recovery a little easier the next day. :)

Fred said...

First, Bernie, this post is gold. BTW, thx for this blog and happy birfday (sic) to you.
Second, if you need someone to ride shotgun for the pint in Scotland or the Knopfler concert, I'm in.
God Bless Us Every One!!!

Sports Dawg said...

Have a great one Bernie, followed by many more!