Monday, November 23, 2009

It's easy to HATE...

...when the lifestyles vary so vastly.
  • We date. They game.
  • We have the best damn mascot in sports. They blow up a huge bee and stick it in a corner.
  • We have a stadium that is sold out 6 Saturdays a season. They have a stadium that sold out...once...I think...??
  • We sneak bourbon past the gates. They bring their Ti-85s and some graph paper.
  • Our classes and dorms have girls. Their classes and dorms have blow up dolls.
  • Our student body parties any day that ends in Y. Their student body gets dizzy on Mountain Dew and does shit like this...

(h/t Ally)

So don't feel ashamed about a feeling that comes so natural. And no matter how much love they may need, whatever you do...resist any urge towards sympathy, clemancy, and (God forbid) compassion.

Afterall, while the Seilers grieved...they laughed.

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Sports Dawg said...

Hey Bernie, I said CWM would look good in Memphis Blue, how 'bout GSU blue as well?

Bernie said...

Whatever it takes Sports Dawg. Whatever it takes.