Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Joke by Coke

Largemouth Dawg (aka the N) rockin' some suspenders

This pic reminds me of my favorite anti-Yech joke:

Guy sees the helluva engineer billboard along the downtown connector and decides to call into the nerds' ticket office. "I was wondering if you still had four available for the game this Saturday."

Ticket attendant stammers, "Yes! Yes we do. Where would you like to sit?"

"Well, do you have four together on the 50?"

Again, "Yes! Yes we do."

"Great! So what time is the game?"

Long pause, then: "Well, sir...what time can you be here?"

Boom! Roasted!


Anonymous said...

I am ready to have a certain commenter on the AJC shut the hell up.....
Go Dawgs!

Bernie said...

Did you hear where that jackhole won't even be at the game?

His mom's making tater tots.

Largemouth Dawg said...

I want to say that in that picture, I'm the N. Me and my hallmates freshman year got to that game early to watch the dawgs and get front row seats. Pleasure to see that picture again. Tech actually put it in their special "to hell with georgia" edition of their newspaper the following year, running a piece showing my buddy (the R) with a 400lb girl on spring break. They tried to turn it against us, but with most things they do, it was pretty much all fail. Thanks for the shoutout, and see yall at the joke on saturday. GATA!!

Bernie said...

You make a good N Largemouth. When my hallmates and I did something similar (back in the day), I was the W in DAWGS. I didn't really have the frame to pull it off. Now might be a different story.

At least Durham's Dawgs beat LSU for something called an SEC title that night. As you well know those are rare in Stegeman.

Keep up the good work!