Thursday, November 12, 2009

Key Words: In Plain View...Knutheads

While the college football world will undoubtedly focus on what the voWel suspensions will be, inquiring minds want to know...weren't ring-dings and slurpees on special this week at Pilot convenience stores? Why all the hubbub bub?

If you're gonna rob someone at pellet gunpoint...why do you pick a Prius as the get away car? Then again, guess all the HillBilly wagons are safely tucked in the trailer driveways at 2am on a Thursday morning.

That...and I thought Nu'keese (sp??) only faxed in orders. In today's world of online shopping...are guns really necessary?

The official BDB line on how many games these gentlepricks sit is ONE. Place your wagers below.


Anonymous said...

They will be convicted of attempted armed robbery with a deadly weapon. They will be kicked off the team(as felons). Drug paraphernalia will be shared (as in the presence of)and the Prious will be confiscated and sold by law enforcement. Whether they serve jail time or not is up to the courts.

Dawgmjs said...

I think they'll be kicked off the team. I hope we would do the same if the situation were in Athens.

Dawgmjs said...

I think they'll be kicked off the team. I hope we would do the same if the situation were in Athens.

South FL Dawg said...

For arned robbery the over/under should be in you get caught 1 time and you're off the team. I'd say that if it happened at UGA, too.

Bernie said...

Agreed re: if there were a similar situation in Athens.

From what I've heard the two that first approached the car will likely be dismissed. Janzen has a sliver of hope at staying.

But we all know Kiffster plays some wild cards.

Ally said...

Kiffy won't have to kick them off the team. If they are charged w/ a felony (and at least 2 of them will be) then the University will kick them out. I assure you , this is how the AD wants it. They may be suspended indefinitely until the University makes the decision, but whatever Kiffy chooses to do will be irrelevant.

Make no mistake tho, Janzen needs to go simply because this is now his 3rd problem issue w/ the team & will be his second instance of disciplinary action. Not to mention the fact that by law he's an accessory & was in a car w/ an illegal substance. Birds of a feather and all that. If UT cares more about fair justice & their reputaion as a University of higher learning (HAHA-i know, right?) then all three will be gone.

Bernie said...

What's wrong with calling UT an institution of higher learning?

Mary-Jane was on the scene. ;)