Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Locker Notes for the Swamp Thugs

Turns out Willard was only able to get a couple of these put up before someone saw right through his disguise, an orange jumpsuit with Alachua County Corrections scribbled on the back with a black sharpie.

Who knew they actually had to stitch the lettering on all of those...?? Just hope they can read Willard's hand"writing". He'd had a few...

  • Brandon Spikes - Whether it was Knowshon Jr givin' your boy the facial or playing without a properly attached helmet that got your panties in a wad...the way I see it you got two options: sprout a pair or go ahead and complete the sex change Pusqualee.
  • Corch - You remind me of my third grade teacher Miss Wretched. Loose morals, bad hair and possessor of a signed contract with Lucifer Von Beelzebub. 'Cept she didn't sleep with Commish Slive to gain credibility. Did your Heisman Honey snip you too?
  • Tebow - Judging from your comments...I think you're taking an eye for an eye too literally Sleezbow. The jort wearin' inbreds could use better leadership.
  • Brandon James - I've seen peewees that coulda caught that ball and scored. URRRPP! Hope the shat stains came outta your britches.
The good news is when Willard stopped on the way out to relieve himself of extra weight near the Kleenex Memorial, he found a pair of jorts and a wifebeater. So if you have any of these you'd like to add, I might be able to get him to take one for the team and infiltrate the lizards' den again.


MikeInValdosta said...

It was unreported, but I heard Spikes also had to turn in his team issued AK-47 for the rest of this week.

Red Blackman said...

There you go Bernie, Sic'em Bwoi. Straight up word mayne....I'm feelin ya G