Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Locker Notes - KenYucky

Wish I had room for each and every senior. Actually, I guess I do have room...but not so much time. However, I'll be in my seat ready to bark Saturday night when the red carpet rolls out for these Dawgs who have played their time out 'tween the hedges. I hope you're there beside me Reader.

Until then, let's give out some locker notes.
  • First and foremost, Bacarri Rambo - simply, Thank you!
  • Jeff Owens - Perhaps after you're done doin' your could lend our locker room your halftime voice.
  • Israel Troupe - Hot Damn! I like your timing. And you should find plenty more yards in the next two secondarys. Get after it!
  • Fabris - You should take it as a challenge to go get whoever leads the SEC in touchbacks to come be a Bulldog instead. Let me check that for you.....hold on, I have it here somewhere...oh, wait! WE ALREADY HAVE HIM ON OUR ROSTER!!
  • Marlon Brown - Suddenly we could use your height out wide. It'd be a great time to step up. Nothing better than a proud grandmamma.
  • Demarcus Dobbs - You saved us in this game last year up in Lexington. In fact, your hand seems to continually get in the way of things offensive. And I really dig that.
  • Joe Cox - Just go nuts Joe. Then add the cherry on top.

Three days until our last trip to Sanford for a while. I know it's tempting to spit and spew about what next year could be like and who could be around to see it...but just remember, these seniors deserve our attention.

Saturday would be a good day to make it undivided.

Now, feel free to add your own...


BulldogBry said...

Loudspeaker: "Touchdown, Georgia, Number 28, Israel Troupe"
Bobo(confused, looking up): Troupe? What the hell is he doing in there? Hey Troupe, why were you in the game?
Troupe: I came in for AJ
Bobo: Why did AJ come out?
Troupe: Um, he hurt his arm, coach.
Bobo: Yeah? Well, next time you GET MY PERMISSION before going in the game!!!! But seriously, great catch, have a seat. (to booth upstairs) What's going on with AJ?
Booth: He's on his way to the locker room
Bobo: JEEBUS, doesn't anyone ever fill me IN around here?

MikeInValdosta said...

lol, that's funny, Bry.

Here's a few:
Ben Jones: Keep playing like that and Cooter may finally make it to Congress.
Rennie: if this is your last night in Sanford, make it your best night
Reshad & Bryan: Play FOR Rambo, play LIKE Rambo