Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Locker Notes - Tennessee Tech

The opponent isn't sexy...but it's Homecoming and we could really use a win. And good news Reader...Willard has been able to infiltrate the vile enemy's locker room. So be sure to come back later to add a few for the '09 SEC East Chumps.
  • Washaun Ealey - Good work Saturday. Appreciate that you took the high road as it relates to Eye Gouge Gate. Still think Spikes is a worthless piece of (synonym for livestock feces). But appreciate the class and dignity you roll with.
  • Joe Cox - I sure hope you get the luxury of playing with a lead Saturday. Regardless, it's your turn, your team.
  • Coach Bobo - Turn the pups loose...let's see what they got.
  • AJ Green - what you gotta do to get better.
  • Rennie - Take it easy on these kids Saturday....On second thought...knock some heads around.
  • Coach Richt - At Georgia, we don't quit. I hope fans take that to heart as deeply as the players do.
  • Uga VII - Show some spunk kid. You're getting a bad raputation...
Grab your pen...

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