Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Locker Notes - Trade School edition

As luck would have it, the nerds had the foresight to call ahead and ask YouTube to come down Saturday night to the flats and tape them doing that freakin' song where they jump up and down and hum along.

Epic Virginity!!

Should be all the more awesomer when Brandon Boykin returns the opening kick for 102. But for now I present to you...this week's locker notes:

  • Butler and Walsh - Earlier in the season I kidded about it, but seriously...I'm torn deciding which of you is the team's MVP this season. But congrats on the honors. Hope you both bring home the hardware.
  • Reshad - Emancipate yourself from mental slavery...and sing your own redemption song.
  • Coach Richt - It's your field, right? Might as well remind them why they suck so Gawdawfully bad.
  • AJ Green - If you could play, it would make my day. But I'd rather be absolutely sure you could lift up that Heisman next year.
  • Rennie - 1 fumble recovery...I know we ask a lot of you, but is there anything you can do about this stat before you leave?
  • Bobo - Either go all in for the win or hand your headset back to the house.
  • Munzie - Anytime we're inside the two, I consider you the peanut butter.

Now your turn. Just grab a Sharpie outta my pimped out stadium cup there and go to town.


MikeInValdosta said...

Blair Walsh - Excuse me for sounding like a problem little league parent, but "screw Fabs, just kick the hell out of the ball."

the tri guy said...

JO, KW, and GA, you need to take Tech's triple option and immediately make it the double option. The dive needs to be completely elimiated from Nesbitts choices.