Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - A Cushion for Your Fall

Two games over .500. Staring at a Senior Night that should be something special. And counting blessings...

On Sundays during the season I always try to consider carefully what the pulse of the Dawg Nation is, win or lose. Saturday was emotional, gut wrenching. Save for a breakdown in kickoff coverage (or two, maybe three), it was the most complete game of the season for our Dawgs.

The offense was focused and the defense was determined. It was exactly what was needed to ease the pain of what has been a tumultuous season. As a fanbase, we're not going to work this morning licking our wounds. We're ready to see that guy down the hall in the blue and orange office who's always screaming "WAREAGLE!!" on Fridays as we leave for the weekend. We're contemplating bowl scenarios with something just north of a grimace.

The win over Auburn cushioned what has been a desperate Fall. But just how big of a cushion is it? And was it the same for the fans as it was the coaching staff?
I think the thing I would have really like to have seen was what kind of defense would we have played all year long if we weren't constantly turning the ball over deep in our territory or throwing the pick-six or having the kickoff returned for a touchdown...But right this minute, (the defense is) playing really well.
That's Coach Richt taking his due liberties. You can read the entire quote from Hale's Teleconference Notes. For another great read on the subject of Coach Willie, Rex believes he ain't going anywhere. So it would appear the cushion that was a pile of plainsmen was a lot fluffier for the coaching staff than it was the fans.

Then again that's my pulse. What's yours?

Today's Ingredients
  • Four straight over AwwBarn. So nice let's say it twice. Four straight over AwwBarn!!
  • Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? No,'s not over 'til Jeff Owens says it's over!!
  • Scout's Chad Simmons tells us that Saturday night's crowd left quite an impression ($) on Warner Robins' Jeffrey Whitaker, who's visit to Athens was somewhat of a surprise.
  • Speaking of the recruits in attendance, was it just me or were there a lot of Bulldogs in the NFL slides up on the jumbotron? Moreso than usual that is...
  • Proud Uncle Rex takes a complex game full of plots and subplots and summarizes it by simply asking to spread the love.
  • Meanwhile, Mike hands out some bones.
  • What's worse than the toss sweep? The toss sweep to Branden Smith.
  • However, I agree with Exhile. This was one of Bobo's better games this season. Especially considering he was without his greatest weapon for much of the game.
  • Before Saturday night's game, the thought of playing the stretch run without Adriel Jeremiah Green woulda made me curl up and cry in a corner somewhere. But I like the resolve in these Dawgs. And it made the biggest impact in two very special stats: turnover margin and penalties.
  • But given the choice of playing with or without #8...I'll always take the Beast.
  • And like a nightmare that continues to give you both a sweaty brow and an accelerated heartrate, directional kicking visits our pillow all too often. I'll try and stomach my way through more of that later. Ugh!
I checked yesterday and again this morning...the AwwBarn billboard that claims they're fearless and true is still hanging along 316 about two tee shots from my house. But I'm working on it.

I'm sure you've seen them too....around Atlanta and other necks in the woods. If they actually were fearless then we might be seeing them sprout up around Athens too. This school west of Opelika is desperate.
And if you have one near your residence, you're probably gonna need a blow torch to go along with the rachet set. Not speaking from experience. It's just my educated guess.
Come back 'round here now Reader. We're gonna have our tailgate'N footage where we asked any and everyone just what a plainsman was and also some locker notes as we get ready for KenYucky.
Here's your napkin. Enjoy your Monday.



Sports Dawg said...

Willie Martinez will be our DC in 2010. CMR will not fire his old roomie. That sideline hug reinforced that for me Sat. night

Bernie said...

Personally, I think it hinges on these final two games. We were embarrassed defensively by this Cobb kid last year and everyone remembers the Tech game.

I do agree that CMR will not fire Willie. If it happens, Willie makes it easy on his old friend.

Afterall, it's the least he could do.