Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - No Uga, No Bark

No joy in Dawgville. While I in no way feel these players are lollygagging or trying to breath through their eyelids, it is a miracle we're bowl eligible...

How'd we ever win 6?

Today's Ingredients

The best synopsis of Saturday's game comes from Get the Picture:

These coaches are so worried about preventing the worst case scenario from happening that it's affected their ability to get their players to perform up to the level of their talent.

That's just one of the Senator's thoughts from the 35. The rest are just as dead on, as usual.

There's a lot I have to say, but it's really no good. What those guys in the ingredients and in the Daily Dawg Clicks have done is much better than what I've tried to express, then deleted. I'll have my second annual State of the BullDawg Nation ready sometime this week. Should be an interesting call-in show tonight. Personally, I don't think I'll wait for Jim_from_Duluth's transcript...

Enjoy your Monday Reader. It could always be worse...we could have an insect as a mascot.

Let hate week begin.



Pumpdawg said...

Why do we call it hate"week"?
I hate those bastards all year long.All things considered,you've done a great job this year Bernie.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the season....

If the toss sweep is Bobo's bread and butter play, somebody get him a jar of peanut butter...or a nice strawberry marmalade.

Good stuff.


Bernie said...

Pump - the best is yet to come brother...

Anon - unfortunately, that stuff writes itself. It's all very painful.