Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - A Saturday for All Ages

The Golden Eagles laid an egg...but got paid handsomely for it. Everybody wins...right? And the biggest winners may be the Dawg fans.

The list of young pups to produce plays 'tween the hedges was as long as a Blair Walsh kickoff. Both sides of the ball...big plays, small plays, just about everything but some takeaways.

Georgia's running game is developing nicely as we stare into the teeth of the stretch run. I remember ol' big ears gloating after the men from the plain left Athens with a 24-17 win in '01. Tuberville relished in the fact that CMR had not run the ball enough, a necessity in the SEC.

Maybe we can teach that lesson to Chizzy Saturday night.

Cuz King and Ealey can lay quite the 1-2 punch I think. It was Tennessee Tech, but Saturday was an encouraging sign for Dawg fans that are in need of some pep in their step. A little more confidence just as the preps for AwwBarn begin is just what the doctor ordered.

Let's hope the running game can continue to gain ground to make things easier on Bobo and Cox. For now, let's mix these up and let em chill in a bowl for awhile. Then form into a nice loaf and set in a 400 degree oven.

Today's Ingredients

It is usually with a relaxed anticipation that I attend games like Saturday's. The good guys are all but assured of a win and you expect to see a lot of different players.

And while both of those things happened, the true beauty of the game Saturday was just being there. They say it's the little things in life and while getting to see my girls tailgate, pet Sugar the baby bulldog and share some cotton candy with Nama's daughter are indeed little things. They are all memories I'll carry along for many years.

And it was just icing on the cake in the middle of the first quarter when Conner turned to me and asked, Daddy...can we stay for the whole game?

I don't mind tellin' ya Reader, I choked back a tear and answered, Yes honey. Yes we can.

Saturdays in Athens. You just can't beat it. Now go load that up into a sandwich with a slice of provolone and call it lunch.



the wife said...

Wow- those sure are some pretty future UGA grads there! Sorry I missed the fun---love my girls!!

Bernie said...

Don't sell them short Honey. That's at least two Homecoming courts in the making.

I just hope Prez Adams isn't still there. Don't know that I can shake that carpet bagger's hand.

genxdawg said...

Your experience Saturday in the Classic City is the reason Homecomings exist. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

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