Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mumme Poll - shaking out the wannabes

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Didn't watch too much football this weekend due to the long tailgate. But spent Sunday catching up on scores, highlights and analysis. Here's my ballot for this week:

Top Five


The Next Seven

Georgia Tech
Boise State
Ohio State
Oklahoma State

Cincinnati-West VA was a game I was looking forward to, partly because I'm amazed at how Brian Kelly handles his team's depth. But also because I expected it to justify my placement of a Big East team in the Top Five these last couple weeks.

It was a good game. On a side note, last season I did not feel the hype surrounding Kelly to School X was justified. I do now. And I expect Tennessee et al. to one day be sorry they passed. On another side note, if Cincinnati ever were to meet TCU this season I'm convinced the Horned Frogs would wipe the turf with them.

Houston and Miami played their way out after losses. Houston's loss subsequently damages Okie State. But I was just at a complete loss of who to put there in the last spot. While tradition says another Big 11 team should be in the next seven, the truth is that Penn State is not good enough and Iowa is a toss up for me. So I stuck with Oklahoma State in the last spot. Lesser of two evils I guess.

Over them jumped Ohio State and Oregon. The Buckeyes deserve an ounce of credit for winning their conference...right? The Ducks are waddling with a swagger in what has been a competitive Pac-10 this season.

Upcoming games with implications - really only one this weekend, LSU in Oxford. Ole Missy put a whoopin' on Tennessee while the Tigers struggled against an inspired La Tech team. Other than that...phmmph!

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