Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Running With Purpose

Coach Richt alluded to it in his weekly tv show - Georgia's running game has gotten progressively better ever since the Vandy game.

We were all cautiously optimistic back then of course since a lot of those Nashville yards were in garbage time. But we gained more ground against Florida and then gained some more credit against Tenn Tech.

Then came the War Kittens -

Coming into Saturday, I didn't realize how small the Auburn defensive front was. But regardless, we did what we were supposed to...lined up and moved them around. Finally the O-line is playing as if they actually enjoy run blocking. All that's left is for King and Ealey to make the most of the holes.

Unless they're blocking...holy crap Caleb!

For the record, I've never done that on any diet...liquid, limited or otherwise.

Together King and Ealey look very good. Ealey is brimming with confidence and King wants the ball each and every play. If I were Bobo, I'd be trying to sneak a second ball on the field. It may be the only way to keep these guys from starving.

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