Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Thoughts From the Flats

PJ is 0-1 against Russ. Let's just throw that out there to start things off...

In a day of upsets, the Dawgs stayed on script and took down the mighty jackets, restoring order in the state of Georgia.
  • First and foremost, Historic Mark Richt Field is where nerd dreams lay in a heap of used Oxy Clean pads.
  • I really like the downtown connector that Ealey and King traversed upon last night. 339 yards rushing. Three hundred thirty nine!!
  • Perhaps the helluva engineers can stew on that number this off season in place of their much ballyhoo'd 45-42.
  • I mean that offensive line was killin' it! More pancakes than an International House on a Sunday morning.
  • Amid the rumors that Willie had coached his last game, the look on his face in the waning moments was perhaps the most telling. Exhaustion. Relief. Vindication.
  • As for Bobo, that opening drive was a thing of beauty. 10 plays and 74 yards, all courtesy of that King/Ealey Connector.
  • Cox finished with something like 74 yards, going 8/14. A good night for him, despite some drops.
  • Although the offense and defense seemed to play a much improved game compared to the rest of the season, the special teams seemed a more accurate reflection of themselves.
  • Walsh had another good game that was within a hair of being great. Butler never had to strap on his helmet.
  • In fact, what a luxury for Coach Richt there at the end: up 6 with 3 minutes to play and the ball spotted on 4th down at the Tech 38. Go with the Groza or the Guy finalist.
  • I think he made the right call, but thanks to the defense it's a lot easier to type that.
  • Lastly, that ACC Title game next week lost a lot of luster yesterday, huh?

So our attention turns to coaching decisions. They're not our decisions to make, but what kind of blogger would I be if I did not speculate. We've looked to this day almost as if it would be as easy as rearranging toy blocks in a play pen.

But there are many things to consider: results on the field, relationships, money, signed contracts. I'm not sure how soon we'll know something for sure, but our first hints could come later tonight and tomorrow as we find out who's on the road in various high schools.

Defensive tackle coach and recruiting coordinator Rodney Garner's status on the sidelines may be the most convoluted. In tomorrow's meatloaf I'll look specifically at his future in red and black.

It's one thing to rebuild a foundation. It's quite another to use toothpicks for the girders. I trust Coach Richt to make the right calls.

Right now, I just can't stop smiling. Have a happy Sunday Reader.

339 Yards Rushing!!


Unknown said...

What any extry fine day to be a Georgia Bulldawg!

Pumpdawg[really pumped] said...

It was sooo fun watching Ealey and King one-up each other all night.I wonder if they were singing on the sidelines?You know the old song,Anything you can do,I can do better.

Anonymous said...

This just in. If a corporate sponsor will step and buy the remaining 45,000 tickets to the ACC Championship, the ACC will promise NOT to show the game on TV. To show their appreciation for not being required to show the Tech vs Clemson game, ABC bought all 45,000.

Ollllddude said...

I will henceforth forever refer to the stretch of interstate highway in downtownAlanner as the "King-Ealey Connector". Even when I give directions to folks from out of state. They are just going to have to figure it out.

Early drops, especially one that would have easily been six were frustrating, but it was more fun in the end because if we had really stretched to score the Techies would have given up sooner and I don't think it would feel quite as sweet as it does.