Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

I'm convinced that there is nothing more eerie than being in a full Sanford Stadium yet hearing specific voices from across the field amid a deafening silence. From a minute 16 left until I reached the car and officially heard Bacarri was ok, being 6-4 or 5-5 didn't matter a damn.
  • So first and foremost, prayers for a complete recovery for Rambo and AJ. And while we're bending a knee, thanks to Gordon Beckham for making Chance Veazey a household name in the Dawg Nation.
  • Georgia/Auburn is always a hard hitting battle. As Rambo lay on the field near the goalline, how many of us must have been thinking back to Reggie Brown in '04?
  • And yes, I checked...Rosegreen is still the biggest d-bag to ever play in the SEC.
  • As bad as the defense looked in the first 10 minutes, they looked close to its polar opposite in the final 50.
  • All of that credit goes to Willie. Something clicked. And we are thankful.
  • However, I should garner some props for having the courage to throw my hat down after Abuurn's second TD. There it stayed until Cox took his final knee.
  • I haven't checked the film, but my guess is the defensive turnaround had less to do with schematic adjustments than it did just tackling the guy with the ball.
  • And listening to the call in show, what's up with the one guy asking about why Rennie had an off night? Was he watching the same game as the rest of us?
  • While the Tiger D is not its usual stout self, the Dawg running game continues to impress.
  • The offense play disciplined, determined football. When a player of AJs caliber leaves the game for good, you can't just tweak and expect to win.
  • Joe Cox and Co. protected the ball and focused on not moving backwards.
  • That being said, that pass to Orson Charles was perhaps Cox's worst of the season. What a game changer that play was. Should've been an INT that (at worst) set Auburn's offense in prime field position. Ended up being a big gainer on a third down.
  • After that play I turned to the Plainsman behind me and just grinned. We finally had a break go our way. Deep down I knew then it would be a good night.
  • Speaking of a good night, wonder if Jeff Luc had a good time...??
Have a great Sunday Reader. I'm going to wash my hat.

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Unknown said...

Always, always, always tackle the man with the ball. Good call on the hat. Fear the hat.