Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday's Fall Back Thoughts

Admit it forgot to set that clock back last night...

As much as it sucks to wear a pair of jorts with a mustard stain, the team they support does not suck. And we helped them out...handsomely.

Some Stats

  • Penalties - 9 for 87. We kept it under double/triple digits...barely.
  • Turnovers - minus 4. Ugh and double ugh.
  • 3rd downs - 4 of 12. 1st and 2nd down yardage continues to handicap this offense.
  • AJ Green - 3 catches, 50 yards. In the biggest game of the year, our most dynamic player should've had more touches.
  • Rushing - 33 carries, 121 yards. Modest results, but vastly improved run blocking.
  • Drew Butler - 52 yards a punt. Plus a very nice hold on Blair's 49 yard FG when Frix nearly snapped it over Butler's right shoulder.
  • Blair Walsh - Four KOs, one return for 19 yards. Three more touchbacks, despite Fabris.

Some Questions

  • Are Coach Willie and Bryan Evans married?
  • Does Bacarri Rambo spend each minute of practice cussing at coaches and giving them the finger?
  • Will Tebow finally break Walker's record against the Lamechickens or Florida International?
  • You know, the one it took Herschel 36 games to set and has taken Tebow roughly 50 games to match?
  • Is Brandon Spikes the dirtiest player to wear the scripted helmet?
  • Does Tenn Tech run the spread?

Lastly, I'm sure many fans will make a big deal of the costume change. I'll admit I liked the idea...but, I woulda kept the silver britches.

See ya tomorrow. I gotta get back to my pity party.


Anonymous said...

I would comment on how ugly the uniforms were, but that would mean that I had nothing else to complain about.......but I do, so I won't.

I should have turned off the t.v. as soon as I saw those hideous things, because what I saw on the field was worse. My hat is off to all who actually had to witness that mess in person.

MikeInValdosta said...

Loved the ground game.

Loved the kicking game.

Loved the bourbon.

Loved getting home.


Owned!!!!!...again GO GATORS