Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday's Senior Thoughts

God Bless each and every player, but especially the seniors who gave their all last night. Sure, we saw some bad decisions and some costly mistakes. But I didn't see any player who wasn't giving their best effort.
  • It hurts my Dawg heart to see these seniors go out like that on Sanford's turf.
  • Hard to believe we were up two scores with 30 to play.
  • Haven't decided if I'll check the tape later today...but until the 4th quarter I thought Bobo was calling a great game.
  • FWIW...with the ball at the one with a little over 2 minutes to play, I called a fullback "belly". Pretty sure Munzie coulda taken it from there.
  • To be quite honest, I don't care whose fault it was, I am still not a fan of toss sweeps....especially at the one yard line. Either one yard line. Any yard line at all!
  • That being said, Ealey is quick to take responsibility. I am a fan of that.
  • You can spin it any way you want, but the Georgia Bulldogs were out coached at home by the Kentucky Wildcats.
  • That hasn't been said since Prince Charles was barely old enough to drink beer while sitting on the railroad tracks at the east end. At least that's the story I heard.
  • On the plus side, great night for Tavarres King and Rantavious Wooten.
  • And a great half for Orson Charles...
As disappointed as I am in the outcome, I'm much more disappointed in the turnout. After an emotional victory against Auburn and a (very) tumultuous week, I expected a full house. It looked like a lot of students had left campus early, leaving behind their fellow student-athletes to fend off the wildcats on their own.

That hurts worse than anything. I guess it's been that kind of season.


Stephen said...

I kinda said the same thing only not as well as you did Bernie. You summed it up well, I did see everyone fighting and playing hard, even Joe. I love his heart, just wasnt able to come through sometimes. Still A DGD in my book though. I am still a dawg, and with them, and am looking forward to what CMR does to help us back on track Go Dawgs

Anonymous said...

It seemed as if Bobo starting calling plays like we were down in the second half instead being up by 14.

MikeInValdosta said...

Bernie, I luv ya, but I cannot disagree more about Bobo. ANon hit it on the head. We had no business lining up in the shotgun on first and ten with 27-13 lead in the 3rd qtr.

We abandoned the run with a 2 touchdown lead with 7:03 left in the 3rd qtr.

At this point I would take Jim Tressel's philosophy. That was disgusting!

What was the motivation for such risk taking?

You are right about getting out coached!

My heart breaks for all those Seniors, they deserve better of their coaches.

DallasDawg said...

I can't remember the last time we collapsed in the second half like last night. Oh, actually I can, it was the Ga Tech game last year. I think the game in Atlanta this Saturday is going to be tough to watch.

Anonymous said...

Yours is my favorite blog that I read but I have to disagree with you about being outcoached. I thought we had a great game plan. Over 500 yds on offense and holding them to 250 yds. Pretty impressive. The KO stuff WAS a total fiasco. I do NOT understand what is going on with our KO team.

You cant game plan for a fumble at the 12, and INT at the 8 and a fumble on the one going in.

If we can emotionally bounce back from the loss, I think we got something for the fuzzy bees. Tuck Fech!!

Ollllddude said...

As someone who was there when Bonnie Prince Charles attended, I can assure you he did NOT sit with me on the tracks and drink beer. There was a home made sign that said "Prince Charles does it doggie style". I don't know if he saw it or not.

I watched the first half and thought we were still screwing around with an inferior team, but heck, we were winning, and I couldn't see a way for us to lose.... That's what I get for thinking. Our special team decisions are just baffling to me; we just have a knack for making really puzzling choices on a consistent basis. The rest of it can be put on Bobo, on Richt, and to some extent, CWM (although in terms of yards allowed, the D did not have a bad night), but you are right: the players hung in there under difficult conditions, and we should be proud of them.