Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Week's Mumme Poll

Click HERE to get this week's Mumme Poll. Just remember that the results may not be released as of the time of this post.

Finally got to cast the lowly Trojans aside. I've suspected for a while that they were too high on my ballot, but i guess I was waiting on the Ducks to pull the trigger. And boy did they!

Top Five


The Next Seven

Georgia Tech
Penn State
Boise State

Some changes in the top group this week. I moved Florida up because their offense is obviously clicking now. I've watched a lot of them and they may not have the deep threats in Harvin and Murphy, but they still have the versatility to be very dangerous. Plus, their defense is top notch.

The other change at the top is Oregon moving into it. I had them just ahead of Penn State at the bottom last week, but now believe they could play with just about anybody. Definitely Top Five worthy.

So Iowa moved down into the Next Seven. I'm just not inspired by their wins enough to keep them in the Top Five. Other ballots I've seen had Southern Cal nestled in here, but when I looked for a team to put in their stead...well, Oklahoma State has two losses to winning teams. And one of them is putting together an argument for the BCS title game. So despite losing Saturday, I actually voted them in here...but later went back and put Houston in since they have one less loss and beat the Cowboys in Stillwater.

That was a hard decision to make. Overall, this ballot took me longer than the previous few. Feel free to tell me where I screwed up. I could probably use the advice going into next week.

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