Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vultures vs Vermin, a debate in depravity

What's worse: a person or thing that preys, esp greedily or unscrupulously OR an objectionable or obnoxious person?

Sitting at 4-4, many of the issues circling the Georgia football program have been brought on itself. When a team wins, seats on the bandwagon are so few even pregnant women and the elderly must stand. And when said team loses...well, the vitriol is especially caustic.

As a UGA alum and avid supporter of UGA Athletics, I don't feel as if I need to wait for a seat to open on the wagon. And as good as that feels, the disgust I feel when the student-athletes are thrown into a fire that's in front of a moving North-South bus after losing a game is enough to make me evaluate who I choose to sit beside at games, who I talk to at tailgates and who I follow on Twitter.

Talk is cheap. And there are men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to provide me the opportunity to express my opinions in a free fashion. However, in the end my opinion is worth no more than the most recent idiot desperate for some attention.

But personally, my dignity is worth all the gold in Fort Knox. And I take my responsibilities as a Dawg fan seriously. Neither will be compromised. I've been a fan for longer than some douchebags have been alive and I pay for my seat on Saturdays like 92000 others. So I reserve the right to criticize.

And God knows coaches make enough money nowadays to take a little heat. But to call out players, to question their personal choices as if you have run a suicide in their shoes or dove for a loose ball at the bottom of a hungry scrum in their helmet...that's classless.

Now I don't wanna just come across as Archie singing Those Were the Days, but I guess today's society accepts such cowardly drivel as journalism. In truth, it's nothing more than a scavenger hoping to find a loose bone; a bald headed buzzard jonesin' for its next carcass.

For God's sake, these young men are playing a game. Exactly what the hell are you doing?

Hiding behind your twitter account? Collecting a paycheck for a dying paper that is so desperate for clicks you'll even pander to the thirty-three nerds that read your column? Or are you a student editor of the campus paper who climbs to the top of the growing discontent to try and scream a little louder than the rest?

Pathetic. Mike warned you twits who profess to be Dawg fans to watch yourself. I'll admit I had to check my own frustration and evaluate my own behavior whether I'm on the road wearing my red cap, in my living room with my cup of bourbon or within Sanford Stadium with my friends.

And it was no casual glance in the mirror Reader. It was a long difficult stare. That loss on Rocky Flop cut me deep.

But to criticize a student-athlete for competing in a losing effort just because they also ate at Burger King earlier that week or use PlayStation to unwind...check yourself brother. To call out the team for going downtown like a large portion of the rest of the student-body on a Saturday night just because you chose to stay home and type more worthless crap while soaking in a bath of jealousy...well, how proud the AJC would be to hire you.

Peas in a pod and all that...

Vultures versus vermin..?? Both get giddy during turbulent times and relish the idea of leading a lynch mob. The vultures impact may be greater, the vermin may strike closer to the heart. But I would argue, both are deplorable. Worthless. Let em keep typing and circle overhead. Let em keep tweeting and scurrying into corners.

By this time next year they'll be clamoring for their seat back.

I made the somewhat easy decision not to link the objectionable material of certain AJC columnists and Red and Black editors (or Blue and Orange as #95 likes to say now). If this makes my post more difficult for you to follow I apologize. But I refuse to be a whore to their internet traffic hits.


Rex Robinson said...

Right on my message to the Vermin on Twitter was concise but much less eloquent. Last Saturday night was a revelation as to the depths some "fans" will go. It's a sad commentary on human-kind.

Anonymous said...

Dude. Just. Dude.

Well said.

UGA NATION Blog said...

Nice message Bernie!

UGA NATION Blog said...

Nice message Bernie!

AuditDawg said...

(Clap...Clap...Clap...) Just took what I was thinking and put it into words. Excellent post.

Unknown said...

Say on my man. Way to introduce Messrs. nail and head(or a$$ and hat, whichever you prefer). OMG! Your mom reads this doesn't she! Now she's gonna tell my mom I talked dirty on interwebs and I'm gonna be in truu-bulll!!!! Good cause tho.