Friday, November 20, 2009

Who's That Comin'...week twelve


When the news broke yesterday I was on my way to Athens to meet some friends. Phone went crazy, which was a good thing. I had to turn the radio off. When I sent a last text and pulled back onto 316 I simply tuned the iPod to some tailgate music.

It soothed the soul.

You see, some jackholes just don't understand. I'm convinced the only people who can understand the passing of our mascot are Dawg fans and dog lovers. The idiots with a mike at 790thezone who continually cater to their ITP bug lovers barely have a signal that can reach Perimeter Mall....they neither have the capacity to understand or the soul to care.

Enjoy hell Mike Bell.

Yesterday was a thoughtful day for dog lovers, a difficult day for Dawg fans...but a painful day for the Seilers. Everyone else can take their mascot envy and shove it!

Studio Analysis

I had this nice write-up about how much Randall Cobb means to the Joker Phillips' offense and whether or not Hale would be correct in his suspicions about Cobb's questionable status. Xs and Os, personnel groupings, brief look back at was all there.

But when word spread of Uga's passing...well, to be honest...Kentucky doesn't stand a chance in hell.

We've got an embattled coaching staff, a baseball player going through the fight of his life, enough seniors bringin' mommas to fill a two-deep and an empty Dawg House with a funeral wreath. The great Bear Bryant could return to the north sideline in a blue leisure suit with Coach Brooks propped on his shoulders and it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference.

Throw in the fact that it's a night game and there's a FAN Black-Out...puh-leeze! Take your Adolph Rupp lovin' round ball heads back to the bluegrass.


kitties 3

Tailgate Predictions
  • California at Stanford is the only game between two ranked opponents this weekend. And from what I can tell it's not televised. That means no one will really see some ridiculous blunder by Tedford that allows Stanford to keep that healthy buzz going.
  • The most notable SEC game however is LSU in Oxford. Missy gave Kiffy a stick-up and are feeling pretty good. LSUs been here and done that. They'll do it again.
  • Meanwhile Alabama and floriDuh lift a finger and get the W.
  • Want more tradition? Well, Ohio State visits Meecheegan just like old times and leaves RichRod even more uncomfortable in his latest hue of blue and gold.
  • Turtles in Tallahassee. Ann lets Bobby wear the pants for the afternoon and he runs Ralph outta town, no small feat, right? Then Diddy plays the role of turtle and retracts his neck again.
  • NC State brings the basketball team to Blacksburg and actually comes closer to covering the spread against the Hokies.
  • The Wahoos visit Death Valley...Al Groh's still the coach right? Ok, I'll edit this one out later.
  • Texas destroys Kansas. But Mangino eats 5 and a half more burritos than Mack Brown. But hey, it's better than chewing some 18 year's ass.

Trivial Update
Q - Joker Phillips is the mastermind behind the Wildcat offense. He was also a WR for Big Blue back in the early/mid '80s and helped the 1984 Kentucky team to the Hall of Fame Bowl where he had 6 catches for 55 yards. Who was his QB?

A - Bill Ransdell

Just when you thought he was out, he pulls himself in. @BPMackie may breathe exclusively through his mouth and have eyes that don't quite line up, but the kid can google (for you old fogies, that's current for mastery of the dewey decimal system). And yesterday he pulled into the BDB Tweetdeck just ahead of Ally.

Congrats Mack. Enjoy the Kentucky blue football pants, size 56. They were reportedly worn by J-Load hisself. Maybe you could use them as curtains.

For the rest of you, when you set our your clothes out tonight for tomorrow's main event...just go black. Uga VII will never be back to sit lazily in his house or to lead his team onto the field. But he'll always be there in the Southwest Corner, with his elders. Together they'll watch the heroes who grace the field before us. The men with hearts, bodies and minds of which the entire BullDawg Nation can be justifiably proud...

Thank you seniors. TEAM VEAZEY!! RIP Uga VII.

Now let's go bark like hell!



Mackie said... that a 56 waist or inseam?

Anonymous said...

Dang, Bernie. Make a grown man cry for his dogs and dawgs on a Friday afternoon.

You know All dogs go to heaven.

Mike said...

Cal Stanford is on Versus.