Friday, November 27, 2009

Words From the Wise

An irregular episode of ThursdaysRTrivial yesterday. With all the family, friends, turkey and dressing I figured it'd be a tall order to compete with. So I simply asked whoever had a free moment between the gobbling and the pumpkin pie to finish the sentence however they saw fit.

Tech sucks because ______________.

Two tweeters chimed in with equally awesome answers -

MikeInValdosta says Tech sucks because THEY CAN.


allyugadawg says Tech sucks because they lie cheat and breed terrorists of course. ; )

If you sunk into a tryptophan induced coma early and missed the fun, feel free to add your own. Ally and Mike, make sure you pick up your pin-striped short-sleeve button down and Chan Gailey autographed pocket protector.

Sorry, I wasn't able to score any photocopies of O'Leary's resume'.

1 comment:

Pumpdawg said...

Tech sucks because...well,just because.