Thursday, December 17, 2009

(A)Musings of Randomness - Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

No matter how much paint we have and how many brushes the media is armed with, Coach Richt just isn't gonna step into that corner. So we are forced to settle into a Holiday Season full of rumor mongering and airport hangar gossip. Should be delightful. And now that I've typed that, the new DC will be named just as I'm leaving to go out of town tomorrow. 

Joy to the World!

And although there are a number of intriguing scenarios as to why the timing points to Kirby Smart...the logic still isn't there. I hope I'm wrong about that, cuz like many Dawg fans I'd like it to play out that way.

However, I'd be just as excited about whomever CMR eventually names. I think it's extremely important to remember that he has done a pretty bang up job when hiring folks. Unfortunately, there are many fans out there who will let the taste of this hire sour in their mouths before they even swallow.

Found this video last night while surfing. Surely, you've seen similar ones from this scene in the movie Hitler: The Rise of Evil. Well, this one spoofs the Aggies, the Taco Cabana of football teams.



Anonymous said...

Courier and Ives is either the two old dudes critiquing movies in the Muppets (I know, they are really Waldorf and Statler, old inside joke) or a company that specialized in cheap accessible prints for homes in the 19th and 20th century (kinda like Walmart, but with a corner on tasteful pictures, not dogs playing poker).

MikeInValdosta said...

Eh, Courier and Ives, you have my sympathies. Men should not be subjected to such inane "treasure" hunting activities. I firmly believe this is how soccer got a foothold in America.

The only Americana art you require is readily available in Athens.

Safe travels!

p.s. If you find "Destruction of the Rebel Monster 'Merrimca'", you know what to do!

RedCrake said...

I think you meant "Simms doesn't rob gas n' sips ... Yet."

Can't underestimate the impact of the "all Vol news is good Vol news" attitude.