Sunday, December 27, 2009

the Bergwood Interview

Things have gotten pretty busy, so posting's been light. I'll serve up some GameDay Meatloaf tomorrow where I'll have some HUGE breaking news from Gainseville. The meatloaf's low on tryptophan and high on Agreecultural byproducts. The perfect complement to your gameday routine.

In the mean time, feel free to enjoy my interview with AllState's TailGater Extraordianaire...Bergwood. Back during the SEC Championship weekend he was nice enough to phone into BDB Headquarters. If you can make it through my lack of interviewing skills, maybe the State U Streaker will give you a laugh.

Many thanks to Nama for actually making this audible. I could never make it as a real journalist. It's one thing to be able to record audio on your's quite another to make it sound like the interviewer isn't yelling at the interviewee.

Not to mention the umms and yehs...ugh.

And also some mad props to BDB Reader Pete Stuart for helping to set this up. Bergwood's a lot of fun to watch during those commercial breaks...but he's even more fun to talk to.

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