Saturday, December 12, 2009

Coaching Rumor Update, episode III

Happy Heisman Saturday Reader! Sometime before tonight's ceremony, take just a minute to envision what it'll be like this time next year as we await the inevitable presentation to Adriel Jeremiah Green. Maybe it's just me, but I imagine him wearing a red tie.

Then of course our smiles will fade just a little as we watch him play his last game as a Dawg.

Ok. Back to Christmas Present. Practice starts today, which means that the team will be prepping for Texas A&M finally. But it also means Coach Richt will finally be in front of some microphones and digital voice recorders. Sure, we can't really expect to hear much. But I'll be eager to hear him dodge questions.

Some thoughts on the DC search:
Spotlight: Travis Jones

current: assistant DL coach for New Orleans Saints

Jones is a popular name among message boarders as a former Dawg with a strong resume and even better recruiting experience. A former defensive captain 'tween the hedges, Jones was a four-year letterman during the Goff years. Since his playing days he has cut his coaching teeth under Nick Saban at LSU and with the Miami Dolphins.

Although he has never coordinated a defense, he has coached both LBs and defensive lineman as well as developed a legendary record as a recruiting coordinator while in Baton Rouge.

Although I doubt CMR would hire an unexperienced DC at this point, Jones could be an intriguing name. Getting him to jump from the NFL back to the college ranks would be difficult from a workload standpoint. But a phat checkbook could get him to the table. And it would definitely be worth a phone call. He's a Georgia native and still runs football camps during the off-season for Georgia youth.

So...what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Jones might be nice to have on the staff, however, his resume is not as good as Rodney Garner's. Richt will and should think bigger than Travis Jones. We've been down the unproven DC road. Why should we travel down it again.

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