Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coaching Popcorn Kernels

Today's December 1st right?
When asked on the call-in show Monday night about possible changes, Richt offered this:
I'm not going to comment about anything like that...I think people that think just because we need to get better or make some kind of change, they think it always involves the changing of people, too, and that's not always necessarily true. We're going to get things back on track, I can promise you that.
Later when pressed by another sick of Willie caller who pointed out all of the times the Dawgs have given up 30+ points...
You're definitely going to win a whole lot more games if you keep people under thirty, there's no doubt about that.
At least Coach and I had the same math teacher. And lastly, some rumors heard around the interwebs that I wasn't able to find links for:
  • On Falcons Live Chris Redman (Falcons QB and UL alum) said floriDuh DC Charlie Strong is expected to be named Louisville's next coach.
  • David Pollack has been quick to use his Twitter account to throw names around. And he tweeted yesterday that Texas assistant Mac McWhorter is expected to retire. He then offered Searels as a possible replacement of interest.
Now we'll just have to wait and see which rumors gather enough oil to pop into reality and which are left forgotten at the bottom of the bowl.

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