Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Coaching Rumor Update, episode IV

"This Bud's For...Who?"

For all we know, Coach Richt called Coach Foster to ask about the skiing in Wintergreen...but this was our first confirmed contact.

When Coach Donnan broke the news on 680theFan, I contacted some in-laws I have up in Virginia. As expected, most are quite familiar with this routine from Foster this time of year. In fact there were a number of reasons to be skeptical Foster would leave Blacksburg at this point in his career. In the end it looks like it was his relationship with Frank Beamer (not to mention what sounds like a lot of zeros) that took him out of play.

Today is the first possible day that Coach Richt could announce a decision. I'm not crossing my fingers. In fact, it'd be swell with me if there was no presser today...just a lot of questions thrown at CMR at tomorrow's Indy Bowl Media Day. Although I've heard more than a few people say post that at the Gala, CMR was telling people he had his guy. Which is similar to what's being played out on recruiting message threads.

As the wife says...whatevs.

Regardless of what you think of CMR calling Blacksburg, it's encouraging that he would go after someone with a pretty hefty contract. Prior to Foster and VA Tech agreeing on a new contract, he was making over 400K. It at least appears that Evans is putting his money where his mouth is.

Another encouraging sign is that the recruiting class has gone from cautious since the firings to enthusiastic. More on that later.

A last note on a David Pollack rumor. Here's his tweet from yesterday:

Looks like Ga Football program still might have some more changes coming, the strength and Cond staff might be adding a member. (next tweet) I think it 
will be an addition to the staff not a subtraction.

Not sure what to make of that since it's hard to believe we'd add another S&C coach unless he'd also have other responsibilities. On the other hand, it's a position that desperately needs new blood. Later, another tweeter asked Pollack this:

I heard a whisper about you being a position coach? Even it is false, 
would love to have your intensity back on the field. 

To which Pollack responded:
don't listen it's not true.

And that reminded me of a time about a year ago when I emailed the former All-American. Given the promotion of Bryan McClendon, I was curious if he'd ever consider a return to Sanford as a coach. His response:

I would love to coach but it will never happ.  I would not want to go 
recruit and deal with all of the off the field stuff.
It would be great but not going to happ. Thanks for the email

For those of you not familiar, Pollack tweets kind of like he played...with reckless abandon. Although I'll remain as skeptical about another S&C coach as I am of the Kirby's Coming rumors, I will take the time to smile at the thought of #47 bringing discipline and motivation to the workout regimen around Butts-Mehre. Of course, he'd have to relinquish his twitter account....and then Bill King would have less to write about.

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Sports Dawg said...

At least with a Christmas surprise, you know the date when it will be revealed. This not knowing when, much less whom, in regards to our new staff is tough. Patience isn't one of my virtues. "The suspense is reeking havoc throughout the Bulldog Nation"!